3 Ways To Cook Rice And Make Egg Fried Rice

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4 min readAug 5, 2020

Inspired by BBC’s Egg Fried Rice video and reaction videos on YouTube

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Not too long ago, I came across a video of a UK based Malaysian comedian who did a reaction video of a BBC host teaching us how to make egg fried rice. You can just Google it, it blew up that there’s an article on CNN about it.

Have to add that it blew up and now there are several reaction videos you can find by Asian YouTubers. Now you know how much attention the BBC host garnered that the Asian community is reacting to it.

I’m ashamed to say that as an Asian, I don’t actually know the right way to cook rice (even using the rice cooker) although I cook rice for my brother and me all the time. And he doesn’t complain. Until today, I found 3 different methods to make edible rice:

#1 Hersha from BBC’s Method

In the video, we see that she puts the uncooked rice in a pot with water and boil it over an induction stove.

“The rice not looking good, you lying to people. So wet” — Uncle Roger

After it boils, she pours it into a strainer and runs it over water. Now, this is the part I didn’t understand. Why would you do that??? Oh my goodness. However, she did mention she’s draining the excess starch. If you washed the rice before cooking it and you should, you do remove starch and dirt.

Rinse the rice until the water turns clear and just use a rice cooker. Believe me, it’s very convenient.

I’d also like to give Hersha the benefit of the doubt about not washing the rice before cooking it. Maybe she did it off-camera…

Egg Fried Rice

“Don’t be afraid” — Hersha

No, there’s nothing to be afraid of making egg fried rice. I make it all the time when I have leftover rice and don’t know what else to cook… There’s nothing much to “complain” about Hersha’s egg fried rice. Except, why did she cook the eggs separately and isn’t garlic the first thing you add to your pan before the other ingredients?

#2 Shuana’s Rice-And-Water Method

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