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3 Ways To Nurture Initiative if You Want To Keep On Moving Forward

But first, let’s discuss what stands behind the lack of it

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Initiative. What comes to your mind the moment you hear the word? Perhaps proactivity, energy, overworking? Others may add passion, interest, curiosity, and making the effort.

In other words, the initiative is what makes us all move forward. Regardless of what your occupation is, it’s taking the initiative that is about to send you places. It’s closely connected to inspiration — both it and initiative work wonders when it comes to achieving more and more.

But sometimes, even more often than not, the initiative seems to be leaving the building. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a freelancer, or just someone who fails to design their day in the most anticipated of ways. So, in today’s article, I’d like to focus on what causes a sudden drop in initiative levels and I’ll try to offer three ways in which we can always try to take it back.

There are subtle signs that your initiative levels have dropped — it’s about time we seek the reason behind it

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

What happens when, all of a sudden, we start to feel like procrastinating more and more to the point when nothing that used to spark joy manages to do so?

As I’ve stated above, being initiative often corresponds to feeling inspired and having certain and clear goals in your mind. So it’s safe to assume that once your initiative levels drop, the core reason perhaps has to do with losing the sense of purpose. It’s like all those regular activities fail to bring us joy the way they used to. Or perhaps our priorities have changed. Maybe all of a sudden a new goal has emerged in our heads?

But regardless of the reasons, the important thing to focus on is that it takes having a sense of purpose if we want to feel successful at what we do. Many people prefer to take a rather shallow approach and assume that somebody has gotten just lazy or begun lacking proactivity. It’s then when people usually start to frown upon other peoples’ behavior reminiscing on their past active approaches. Instead, if we decide to seek deeper and try to really get to the bottom of things, we’d be able to fully understand both our own and other peoples’ lack of initiative. Essentially, this would lead us to entirely new experiences and a sense of enlightenment.

Together with losing our sense of purpose, the lack of initiative often correlates to poor self-esteem, the disability to trust our own judgment, disbelief that we would make it, etc. In a nutshell, it has to do with shaken belief in one’s skills and abilities.

So, with all this being said, I think we now can fully understand how much control we can have over our initiative levels, as well as other peoples’.

But what can we do when we want to help others bring their initiative back? (It’s applicable to our own initiative levels as well!)

  1. We really need to work on the self-esteem

As I’ve already mentioned, being initiative often correlates to having healthy self-esteem. If we lack belief when it comes to our own skills and strengths, there is a high chance we would with time lose our high initiative levels. We are the most proactive when we are truly convinced that our decisions and actions will prove to be successful and beneficial. If this self-image has been destroyed, we'd likely lose our focus and sense of purpose. Eventually, this would harm our career and personal life since we won't be distributing the same amount of hard work and effort. And with effort comes initiative and proactivity.

So whenever we witness a drop in the initiative levels both in ourselves and in other people, it would be a great approach to try to work on self-esteem. Gaining the confidence levels back can ultimately help us in terms of being way more full of ideas and active when it comes to executing them. Surely, we can help other people gain their self-esteem back with constant support and pep talks.

In a professional environment, we can always provide extra support and delegate more and more tasks to the person in need to increase their initiative levels. With guidance, we can easily show them just how much of an expert they can be whenever they believe in their skills.

2. We need to focus on the things that make us “click”

I’ve mentioned numerous times in my writings that having the passion for whatever it is that you do is what matters the most if our goal is ultimate success and happiness. With that being said, it’s only natural for our initiative to drop if we engage ourselves with jobs and activities that don’t make us “click”. If we spend our days doing unpleasant activities, with time our proactivity would drop since we wouldn’t be putting our hearts into whatever it is we are doing. Without passion, it would be incredibly hard to keep ourselves up to high standards.

So engaging in activities that help us feel fulfilled is yet another successful way to level up when it comes to the initiative.

3. Surrounding ourselves with proactive people can also trigger our own initiative

In my writings, I often direct the focus to building and maintaining a proper network.

The people you surround yourself with have a great impact on both your mental health as well as your productivity and initiative. If on a daily basis you communicate with people who tend to be less proactive when it comes to executing their tasks and duties, there is a high chance that at some point you would let your own productivity levels drop. On the contrary, when you surround yourself with proactive individuals who have passion for their daily activities, you'd be much more inspired to take initiative yourself. So my advice is to pay close attention to your close circle of friends and acquaintances and try to determine whether or not they fuel your productivity. If that's not the case, I would advise you to get acquainted with more proactive people with whom you can easily share knowledge and experience.

The bottom line

If you experience a drop in your proactivity and initiative, you don't have to worry. In reality, there could be many reasons behind procrastination, postponing, and delaying. The best approach in situations like these is to try to determine the cause of this behavior. Is it a lost sense of purpose? Is it faded passion for the things you do? Try to figure out how you feel about your day-to-day and then you can safely use the above-mentioned three pieces of advice that can help you gain your initiative back.



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