30 Days of Eating Like a Carnivore

An experience with the carnivore diet

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What is the carnivore diet?

A current diet fad taking the internet by storm is the carnivore diet. The carnivore diet is essentially what it sounds like — eating like a carnivore. It includes eating zero carbs and having only animal-based foods, specifically meat, but also some dairy. No other food groups are allowed.

The basic idea behind it is that our bodies don’t process carbohydrates — including fruits and vegetables well — and that humans are meant to be carnivores.

According to those who advocate for it, if done correctly, including eating animal organs such as liver, the carnivore diet would supposedly provide you with all your nutritional needs.

My husband, Dawson, decided to try this diet out for a month. He first came across the diet on the Joe Rogan Podcast and TikTok videos from creators such as Paul Salidino.

“I just thought it was mind-blowing that they’d just have a T-bone steak and a cube of butter for lunch,” he said.

The carnivore diet is promoted by bodybuilders and health nuts alike. Some influencers are selling their own products, such as vitamins and supplements, to be used in conjunction with the carnivore diet.

The carnivore diet is similar to the Atkins diet, which was popular years ago, and more recently, the keto diet. The main difference is that rather than low carbs, the carnivore diet includes having no carbs. The carnivore diet might similarly put your body into ketosis (when your body burns fat for energy).

Why the carnivore diet

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When asked why he wanted to try it, he responded, “To do something hard. I like meat, but I also love candy. And because I love candy so much, this was a strict diet that would eliminate that in a radical way.”

He wanted something radical he could follow to change his diet drastically and to see if it would have an impact on his body.



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