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4 Common Misconception About Entrepreneurship

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs

Common Misconception About Entrepreneurship
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Entrepreneurship is a way for people to become what they want to become and change people’s lives with their unique products. Lots of people are becoming entrepreneurs and, some of them have also become successful.

The more people choose entrepreneurship, the more misconception they have in their minds. That will create lots of difficulties in the future.

If they think something about entrepreneurship that is not true, then it might be possible that this misconception will hold you back in becoming a successful entrepreneur. So we discuss some common misconceptions that people have when they go into entrepreneurship.

It will help you identify what false beliefs you have about entrepreneurship, and through them out to your mind. Let’s learn what common misconceptions people have about entrepreneurship. When they started their career as an entrepreneur.


1. Entrepreneurs are born

Most people when they see Elon musk, Steve jobs they think that they are born to be an entrepreneur and, it will decrease their motivation to become successful as an entrepreneur. But that is not true. Steve Jobs did not know that the company he founded in his garage became the most successful company; he did not know that when he and Steve Wozniak started Apple in his garage.

No one knows what they become, A person’s actions and thinking will make them successful entrepreneurs. What habits and actions Elon takes in his daily life will make him a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are not born, They become successful entrepreneurs because of their struggles and hard works. Most people have this misconception that will stop them in becoming an entrepreneur. Because they think an entrepreneur is born and they are born to be successful entrepreneurs.

But it is a false belief that people have. It will stop them to do things that will change other people’s life. So if you think entrepreneurs are born. Then it's a completely false belief you have about entrepreneurship.

2. You have to cheat to win as an entrepreneur

Most people think like an entrepreneur, You never succeed if you work hard. You need to take shortcuts if you want to become successful because there is lots of competition. But this is also a false belief people have about entrepreneurship.

If your product is unique and you know the value of your product. If you do not copy somebody’s product. If you created it with hard work and effort, then you do not need to take shortcuts to become successful. If your product will solve your customer’s problems, which any product could not solve.

I know there is lots of competition out there, but it does not mean they all creating unique products. Most people create a product that is already available in the market. They do not think before creating their product. If the same product is available in the market, then why should people buy from you?

The audience does not buy your product until If it has a big difference, If you give them the same product that your competitors are selling, then why customers trust your startup business instead of going to a company that already sells that product.

Most entrepreneurs will take shortcuts and it works out for them. But not for so long it is a short-term strategy and they end up doing their 9 to 5 job.

3. They got lucky

If you think that Elon musk got lucky when he first started his company and sold it for $305 million. Yes, he got lucky because he works day and night to develop that software. Yes, he got lucky because he sleeps in the office while writing code for the software.

You can also become lucky if you work day and night. You also get lucky if you work 100 hours a week. Luck doesn’t happen automatically; you create your luck by working 100 hours a week. Your luck doesn’t work unless you work to create that luck for yourself as an entrepreneur.

If you see all the successful entrepreneurs, they create their luck by working hard and provide valuable products or services. Don’t think that luck comes automatically. This is a misconception about entrepreneurship that most entrepreneurs have in their minds and, That’s the biggest reason they don’t become successful.

Because they think others become lucky and I don’t have that kind of luck, so they end up doing nothing.

You create your luck by creating useful products and changing people’s lives with your product or service.

Entrepreneurs are own boss

I don’t know why entrepreneurs think that if they become successful entrepreneurs, then they become their own boss. But it doesn’t work like that: your boss is your customer, your boss is your investors.

You need to provide a useful product so your customers will buy. If you're creating your product according to what your customers need. So why do you have this misconception about entrepreneurship?

As an entrepreneur, you need to listen to your customers, investors, employees. So don’t think that if you become successful, you are your own boss. You need to provide the product that your customers need so basically they are your boss.


Most people have so many misconceptions about entrepreneurship. But these are some common misconceptions about entrepreneurship. It will help you identify what misconceptions you have in your mind that will stop you from being a successful entrepreneur.

  • Entrepreneurs are born
  • You have to cheat to win as an entrepreneur
  • They got lucky
  • Entrepreneurs are own boss

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