4 Examples of How Beneficial a Business-Charity Relationship can be

It’s good business as well as good ethics

Nikki Waterson


Photo by Major Tom Agency on Unsplash

My aim in this article is to show you more ways that supporting a charity makes business sense. After all, the more that businesses realise just how beneficial supporting a charity can be, the better. Many think it is just throwing away money, but in my experience, it’s part of your marketing budget. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost the world!

Personally, in my business, Paws for Giving, where I donate 50% profits to animal rescues and sell custom pet portraits worldwide, the value of actively supporting more than ten charities across Australia has been enormous. It’s helped me build a stronger relationship with my customers, greater trust and a personal connection with them — my customers know I love animals just as much as they do.

Examples of ways you can benefit from partnering with a charity

  1. Show support for your charity partner, and then use social media to post about their excellent work. Ask them to share it with their followers. You will gain extra reach and provide them beneficial marketing materials to help both of you with social proof.
  2. If they are a local charity, arrange a time to visit them in person or meet…