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4 Verses of Thiruvalluvar

Happy mind, happy life

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There are so much advices from many great people on how to live a happy life. All these advices are nothing but guidelines, but they can help to evolve as a person. Ever since I was a kid I was taught to study Thirukural by Thiruvalluvar. Up until now, I thought it as a subject I need to pass at school. But by accident, I started to read it again as an adult and came to realize how meaningful they are. and how they can be applied to day to day life.


Thiruvalluvar is a poet and philosopher who is popular for his Thirukural. Thirukural consists of 1330 verses, each containing 7 words. His verses expand from love to society. Here are some of his verses that can help one to become a better person. All his verses are in Tamil and the verses down below are translated by an author, J. Narayanasamy.

Voluntary help from unforeseen quarters is, in quantum, worth heaven and earth — verse 101

This verse pretty much speaks for itself. Helping doesn’t always include money. Helping someone in need, even it is small for you, it could mean the world to that someone.

Help comes in different forms. Not all the help is physical. Letting your friend know that you are there for them could help them tremendously, even if you are not aware of the effects. Not all help pay you back, but all the help you’ve done to others brings you peace of mind.

Harmful deeds might cause pain; even in the face of grief refrain from acting unjust — verse 157

We have said some pretty nasty things when we are mad. Even though it’s understandable, it’s not doing any good to us or to others.

I’ve said some mean things to someone, and I regretted it for a long time. When I asked for forgiveness, they said they don’t even remember about it. I said something terrible and I’m the one who suffered because of it.

No matter how mad we get, we should refrain from doing that terrible thing, because, in the end, it will cause more pain to us than to them.

A ruler to whom sloth is alien encompasses all the space and wealth he treads and strives — verse 610

Hard works lead to success ultimately. If you wanted something in your life, you should be ready to make sacrifices to achieve. Resting comes only when you achieve your dreams.

That doesn’t mean, you work to death. You work efficiently to achieve. You fail and then you try again. Only by hardworking, you can get anywhere near your dreams. You want something, you do it today!

The one who is not easily suffocated by pain, makes pain suffer in course, its own woes — verse 623

This one speaks about mental health, or more like how strong one has to be able to make the suffering into success. It’s not easy and not all of us do it.

We often succumb to the pain and let it control us. But those who learned to learn from pain, often succeed and don’t fear the failure.

Not all these can be applied at once to live a happy life. Changing a habit is the hardest thing. But applying it one by one, you can reduce stress and live life happily.



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