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5 Elements of Shadow Work You Must Incorporate to Become Your Highest Self

In order to become your highest self, you must embrace your darkest self

Illustration: Dániel Taylor

The quest to become our highest self isn’t about cherry-picking our best qualities and nurturing those attributes. It’s about seeing yourself, the beautiful and the ugly, and learning how to be your best version of that whole self.

What Is Shadow Work?

The problem with ignoring our shadow self is that it works best in the dark.

How Do We Integrate Our Shadow?

Everyone has different shadow elements and different backstories for those elements. Everyone will have a different journey of finding and embracing their unique shadow.

1. Your shadow self is part of you. But it doesn’t define you.

2. Journal your revelations.

3. Pay attention to your reactions.

4. Don’t second guess or intellectualize your intuition.

5. Shadow Work Is a Lifetime Process



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