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5 Essential Tech Tools for Successful Remote Employees

Boost Your Employee's Productivity!

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Businesses and workers have seen a 360-degree change due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Remote employment seems intimidating. Companies were hesitant to recruit remote workers. There was a worry that if workers worked from home, they might become sidetracked from their tasks.

There was a prevalent belief that working remotely may significantly harm the connection between managers and employees. But owing to technological advances, remote employees now have access to many tech tools.

I did a lot of study on these tools and discovered the following software programs to be trustworthy and efficient in assisting remote workers in producing good outcomes more quickly. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Slack

Slack is a straightforward chat/channel communication tool with an intuitive user interface that helps keep everyone in touch.

It can combine additional applications like G Suite, Skydrive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and others. Slack bots that provide team updates and birthday reminders boost morale.

Without Slack, it’s hard to imagine a distributed team interacting.

Its tagline, “Where work happens,” emphasizes the significance of the company to project management.

Slack allows users to collaborate and work from anywhere because it is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Due to its inexpensive cost and valuable capabilities, it is an excellent communication choice for many remote software development teams.

2. Dropbox

Customers who use Dropbox may store all their data in one location and share it with whomever they desire. Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service. With Dropbox, an online library, you may manage and organize material, including papers, photographs, movies, audio, and many other files.

It may be watched on a computer or a mobile device and is compatible with many different gadgets.

You get 2 GB of cloud storage space with Dropbox’s free version, but if you need more, you should look into the paid versions, which start at $8.25 a month.

3. Serene

Serene is a reliable tool to keep your remote workers focused and free from interruptions. A person may become distracted by his family when working remotely or at home. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others, as well as multitasking, are other sources of distraction.

Serene can help here, of course!

A calm environment aids in maintaining daily attention on only one job. It refrains from multitasking, as stated in its tagline:

It’s impossible to multitask. Specializing is a superpower.

4. Organize and assign tasks using Trello

It is absurd to anticipate that every employee would remember every deadline and be organized.

Trello is a versatile project management solution that uses a shared to-do list to keep you and your team on task and productive.

Assign tasks to team members, give them due dates and let them know when a project has to be reviewed. Create a board in a matter of seconds to collaborate with your group anywhere — even on a mobile device!

5. Zoom: Arrange online meetings

One key benefit of working remotely is the freedom to contribute from various time zones. Setting aside periods to communicate with staff through video conferences is essential for business managers.

Zoom allows you to gather everyone in one place, discuss priorities, and deal with problems. It works well for one-on-one sessions as well. Instant feedback may be given and received via this tool. For a remote worker to be engaged, information must flow freely.


Five well-known and essentially free tech tools for remote teams have been shown. But there is also a ton of additional tools, like Doodle, Confluence, Lastpass, etc.

Depending on their organizational structure, organizations can select any of the tools. They may do so if the organizational structure demands that they employ all of them.

However, there is a polite Reminder! Use the free versions of these technological tools to get started, then upgrade packages as needed.



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