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5 of the Most Popular Blog Niches

What do you blog about?

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For years, bloggers have churned out content in their beloved corners of the internet. Take fashion blogs for example. There could be over 60 million fashion blogs to date. More, with increased social media use, blogging has a much higher chance of sticking around than falling off. Here are some of the most popular niches:


Who would have thought uploading pictures of yourself eating and writing about it was a good idea? Well, food bloggers did! The first food blog launched in July of 1997 by a man named Jim Leff. Jim would commonly post photos and posts himself eating dinner on his blog-What Jim Had for Dinner. As time went on, more creators joined the scene. Today, YouTube has become a vital tool in demonstrating recipes, and getting to know an audience. Rosanna Pansino is the most influential food vlogger on the internet; she’s amassed over 13 million subscribers.

Popular Food Blogs:


Are you a stay-at-home mom? Write about all the crazy things your children do daily. Or, offer parenting consultations. Further, sell an e-book on taking care of children. There are hundreds of different services you can provide a community of like-minded people. Even if your a new mother, you can blog about your trials. A handful of mom blogs started around 2005 and have been going ever since. I don’t really see this trend slowing down, either.

Popular Mom Blogs:


Travel blogs are exactly what they imply: travel. Go on an excursion to different U.S. states or head to an island in South America. Wherever you go, document interesting things that unfold. For instance, write a blog post titled 10 places you need to visit in Miami or The most dangerous location in The Philippines. Travel bloggers can sell a multitude of services and merchandise. If your interested in travel blogging, try selling t-shirts, itineraries and tips/tricks.

Popular Travel Blogs:


Are you a gym rat? If so, drop the weights and start a fitness blog right now. There is always demand for fitness blogs because we want to better ourselves. Doesn't matter if you want to lose 10 pounds or put on 20 pounds of muscle, a good fitness blog can help. Fitness is also one of those niches that you can sell services to your readers. Offer things like workout plans, diet plans, merchandise and training.

Popular Fitness Blogs:


Do you like working with your hands? Then, start a DIY blog. Blog about arts and crafts, wood-working or home decor. Personally, I don’t read much in this niche. However, it seems some of the most dedicated people operate in DIY, and it shows. DIY bloggers can offer services like decor consultation. Additionally, sell your wood crafts on sites like Etsy.

Popular DIY Blogs:

I hope you found this informative! There are many niches I didn’t mention, so do your own niche research.



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