Top 5 SEO Advice I Can Offer to Beginners and Businesses

No, You will hardly find this SEO hacks anywhere else.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for beginner is like tiny ANT in-fort of a Mountain.

That’s quite obvious.

I was once a beginner, and I can easily recall how I took 1000s of advices from YouTube, blog posts and so on.. and didn’t turn anything in my favour.

Reason is predictable! Everyone is taking about “Long tail keywords”, Increasing domain authority, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and so on..

Sometimes, they were talking about long length and in-depth article, keyword stuffing and much more.

5 Priceless SEO Advice I Can Give To Beginners
5 Priceless SEO Advice I Can Give To Beginners. Image created by author Mani Pathak at Canva.

What not, but nothing works to make you fortune.

I’m sure, you are stuck or confused.

Well, that’s the reason I’m here to help you with 5 best SEO advice, I can give to my fellow creators, SEO Beginners and digital marketers to excel and rank high in Google.

Yes, as you know the better will your SERPs ranking (search engine results page), the more you get the traffic and the more money and business you generate.

Hell lot of ways are there to make money on your website though SEO and digital marketing. I keep sharing them here at Mani Pathak blog.

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Anyways, I’m back to the topic.

Surprisingly, after the rise of AI writing tools, social media automation, it’s shouted as if SEO is going to die.

That’s a blind bluff and I have already discussed earlier.

Even after Google’s generative AI content, helpful content algorithm updates, and the rise of any other tech bubble, SEO will remain essential.

Imagine, we have had airplanes for the last 20+ years, yet you can still see people traveling by train, using bicycles, and much more.

A significant shift in the SEO and digital marketing industry will be seen only after 10 years, where 80% or more agencies will change their marketing practices.

We have a lot of time to build a great business online with SEO, and I’m not against those who pretend to be better without doing any kind of SEO.

Why am I writing this?

Because I strongly believe that what I’m about to share requires years of experience to reach that level, and perhaps before you achieve it, you might wish to switch to another career.

I have spent over 4 million dollars on ads and generated 1500+ leads on a daily basis for my clients in the last couple of years. However, at a fraction of the cost (40%), they experienced the same level of success by opting for SEO with me.

That’s how powerful SEO can be.

1. SEO is a Data-driven Business

Simply writing anything and everything will not lead to success in your SEO goals.

Search engine optimization often involves both on-page and off-page activities, but to truly understand the position of your online website or business, a data-driven approach is crucial.

Let’s consider an example:

I have a website,

What should I do for on-page SEO?

You would rightly suggest optimizing pages and posts for meta-data such as keywords, titles, descriptions, and alt tags, as well as managing internal and external links.

SEO is a Data-driven Business
Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash. SEO is a Data-driven Business

However, it’s essential to note that every step in this process is data-driven. For instance, you must check your website speed to assess landing time and performance, addressing various data points:

  • Resolve too-many query string redirections slowing down your site.
  • Address the use of large-sized images on your web pages/posts affecting loading times.
  • Identify and rectify keyword cannibalization.
  • Tackle duplicate content issues.
  • Fix broken links.

There are many things and you need to track them all.

Observing and addressing these issues requires a data-driven approach, ensuring optimal performance.

This way, search engines like Google will appreciate and favor your site.

2. Personal Touch is New SEO hack Now

Yesterday, I participated in a virtual meeting organized by SEMRUM on the topic of AI and its changing impact on SEO and digital marketing, discussing areas where we can outperform.

The primary agenda was to comprehend the AI-driven content landscape and how to safeguard ourselves.

The VP and Head of Marketing at this company emphasized the importance of quality content and addressed some emerging questions you may have.

Let’s delve into some common questions:

Is AI good or bad for SEO?

Fortunately, Google remains neutral towards AI content; all it cares about is the quality of content, emphasizing the E-A-T algorithm launched long ago.

Now, Google is placing even more emphasis on helpful content.

When everyone is using AI to write, what helped you stand our is the personal tough, human experience and real life examples that an AI can’t produce.

Hope you are clear here!

3. Begin With Small Steps and Set Ambitious Goals

At least for last 10 years, people are writing SEO optimised content, managing their social media SEO and millions of websites are competing to drive more traffic.

A beginner like you is like a wanderer in an expansive forest of digital strategies, competing with giants.

That’s why you are advised for:

  • Focus low completion informational and transactional keywords in perfect blended ratio in early days (70:30 Ration).
  • Semrush and Ahref SEO tools are good but, it doesn’t mean you can’t use Google keywords planner for keywords research.
  • In the early days, you need to pay more attention to consistency and helpful content and link building that will help.
  • Any AI and any technology is meant to benefit humans and human race, if is’t not serving it purpose it will fail. Write for humans not machines.
  • Don’t exploit your readers with the plenty of ads, low quality products, offers and services if you wish to win the game.

Performance marketing or growth marketing required clear mindset to excel and that’s how you can set yourself apart.

4. Skin Is In The Game

More than SEO learning 10 things in SEO, If you could try and test 5 things, you may get surprised to see wonderful out-comes.

Remember SEO is not about learn the different SEO principles, building backlinks or testing website speed or watching videos online.

The more you practice the more you learn and become smart.

After spending months and years in SEO industry and working for well know business online, I found what made me different that others.

It’s ability to practice, test, optimised and analyse.

Earlier, I was more focused on low competition and high volume keywords but do you know, even that can’t help you.

Yes, that’s right.

But why?

Because, when you choose a keyword but in reality you need to understand the SERPS better to see what is ranking now and the what’s is the credibility of source websites.

May be that keyword has the low competition but the websites ranking in top 10 positions has high DA and PA.

That’s the reason..we have to be smart.

5. Backlinks Matter Now More Than Ever

Yes, I know it may sound like every other ordinary advice but remember you’re learning from an Expert.

I mean, backlinks were important earlier as usval but now it has more to offer and that’s because we are in the era of AI automation.

Long ago, I watched a movie named “ROBOT,” where actor Rajnikanth disguised himself in the form of a robot, resembling all the other robots in the army.

However, when the EVIL robot, much like the Terminator in the movie, instructed his robot army to whirl their heads round and round, he couldn’t.

Moral of this story is to tell you that in the era of AI content, backlinks are helping search engines like Google to identify the human centric content.

If you write good quality content, obviously people like you and me will love to read, share in our community and some of us will link in our new/existing blog posts.

That’s how are proving your content quality signals to Google.

However, manual link building is equally helpful and when it happens, we all se great improvement in our organic traffic.

5 Best Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks?

  • Guest posting with anchor text linked to your targeted page.
  • Pr submission to drive quick attention.
  • Directory submission.
  • Image submission.
  • PDF and infographics submission.

What’s not you can do, there are many ways.

I have already prepared al list of great high authority website where you can build do follow backlinks for your blog post, landing pages and any website (free).

The Bottom Line

I have heard many people making quick money but an average Joe make almost nothing and keeps struggling his entire life.

When, I was about to join my engineering studies, many people suggest that I can do a great business with that money instead.

May be they are right, but when I will have nothing to do, I have a degree and some shorts skillset and superiority than others, who has nothing.

Today failing in business can’t cutoff me from every opportunity but before degree, I had no scope for anything and business also requires capital.

Likewise, may be web-stories and writing anything fancy at platforms like Medium, may give you some decent traffic but to excel and get the sustainable results in your marketing goals, you need to work on SEO.

I’m eagerly waiting to hear from you people.

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Thank you for your valuable time.



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