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5 Simple steps to writing a sexy headline that will drive 10X more traffic

If you want to increase traffic on your blog then you should have to know how to write a compelling headline.

Dilwar Choudhury
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3 min readMar 15, 2022

Hey! I’m Diltoshi Nakamoto, and in this article, I will help to write a magnetic headline that drives 10 times more traffic on your blog.

Why you should have to write a magnetic headline.

A headline determines the quality of your content and how much traffic you will gain. And it is the ultimate door to your business growth. And if you have not achieved it yet. Then you will waste your time. It won’t matter how well researched content you write.

1. Use Specific numeral numbers in your headlines:

Research has shown that a headline with a specific number generates more attention rather than a general one.

Ex.#A. Five steps to writing an engaging blog post

Ex.#B. 5 steps to writing an engaging blog post

From the above example, we can see 2nd one is easier to read than the 1st one

But do you know the psychology behind the odd numbers in headline writing?

Often, you find viral blog posts with seemingly random odd numbers in the headlines and you may have stopped to wonder why the authors didn't use even numbers. And finally, you click on those posts and you read.

2. Utilise Rationales

Don’t forget to include rationales in your headline such as Tips, Ideas, Ways, Facts, strategy etc.

No one likes to waste their time on itsy bitsy stuff, they like to invest their time on good things that are simple to understand and entertained them.
So, when you add rationales in your blog title it makes it more entertaining and clickable.

Ex. 5 Steps to writing an engaging blog post. (Before )
Ex. 5 Tips to writing an engaging blog post ( After )

3. Use adjective:

The adjective is the honey of your headline. An adjective indicates how comfortable to grasp your content. People like to read simple content that is suitable to grasp.

Ex. 5 easy steps to writing an engaging headline

4. Use "How" on your headline

This is the most important word to write an engaging headline. It creates more curiosity in your reader’s mind. Ultimately it gives more views.
Ex. How to write an engaging headline? Follow these 5 simple steps

After adding “How” it looks like more specific and addresses searcher needs.

5. Don’t forget to use the Year.

Assume that you are searching for how to write a great article for your pet blog. And 3 search results have appeared on your topic with the following, then which one will you prefer to read?

No.#1: 3 ways to write an SEO optimized article for your Pet blog.
No.#2: You need to know how to write an SEO optimized article for your pet blog.
No.#3: How to write an SEO optimized article for your pet blog in 2022? 5 simple steps

I’m sure you will prefer to click on the 3rd result because most likely it is a fresh new article.

6. Use 4Us

  • Make the headline unique.
  • Be ultra Specific.
  • Convey a sense of urgency.
  • Provide something useful.

Please stay tuned, in this article I’m going to add more.

And let me know, from the above techniques, which one you have followed in your headline writing.



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