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5 Ways U.S. Mail Can Boost Your Business

Direct mail is alive and well and very effective

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Direct mail is declared to be dead when it comes to many marketing discussions. However, that idea is just plain wrong. Statistics show that Direct mail is alive and well and is still one of the best marketing tools available to build and scale a business.

If you’re not using direct mail as part of your marketing tool kit, you’re likely missing out on some effective ways to generate quality prospects and losing an opportunity to bond a better relationship with existing customers.

Direct mail has stood the test of time and is steadily growing in use and effectiveness. According to the latest statistics:

  • Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20–30% of emails.
  • The average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds, compared to direct mail’s average lifespan of 17 days.
  • Per USPS, 98% of people check their mail daily and Americans spend upwards of 30 minutes with their mail on a single occasion.
  • 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.

Here are 5 ways U.S. Mail can boost your business.

1. Send thank you notes every chance you get

People love to be appreciated and the emotional effect makes a lasting impression. One of the best ways to be appreciative and make a lasting positive impression is to send a thank-you note to someone.

It’s a kind gesture and the returns on doing so can be immeasurable. Find a way to send 5 to 10 thank you notes every day and you will see an uptick of your business over a period.

There is any number of reasons or occasions to send a thank you note. Just think about it. A customer note of thanks for a purchase. A note to a prospect for just dropping by or checking your store out or your offering.

If you already have a mailing list, and you should if you’re in business, just send thanks for being a customer.

The key is to be consistent. Send 5–10 thank you notes a day. It works. I’ve tried it over the years and I’ve told often that one of the reasons a referral was made or repeat business was done with my company is because the prospect or customer received a thank you note.

2. Send anniversary congratulations.

Birthday and holiday greetings are fine but they are traditional and rather common. What is not common is getting an anniversary card from a business or professional service provider. It sends a different kind of message and makes an impression that sticks.

Find out from your customers or clients their marriage anniversary date and send them one. This is a special occasion for most folks that are married and this one little gesture is a powerful way to say something different and distinct from all of the other mail they receive.

3. Generate through the roof open rates with a 3D mail campaign.

Direct mail is expensive but it is one of the most effective methods for marketing and advertising and getting great results.

Getting mail open is a challenge but it can be done very effectively with what is known as 3D mail. Three-dimensional or 3D mail is mail that looks and feels out of the ordinary and has different shapes and sizes than regular mail. It’s very powerful.

Here’s something you might not know. If you can fit a package into U.S. Mail dimensions for mailing you can mail anything to anybody as long as it has a legible and valid address.

I’ve tried a number of things in my business using 3D mail like miniature trash cans, prescription bottles with written messages inside, and even a traditional bank bag that is normally used to transport money for deposit into a bank.

Take a look at this picture of a bank bag. Yes, I’ve used this exact bag to send to targeted customers and received great results.

Image created by the author — Canva

Think about it for a moment. If you received a bag like this in your mailbox with a message like “Here’s something you can take to the bank” would you throw it away? Not likely. The curiosity alone is enough to make you put it aside and take a look.

When it’s opened there is a sales letter or message that tells the customer or prospect what you are offering and what benefits they will receive or problems that you can solve for them. Something they can bank on. Get the subtle message?

I know, you’re probably saying to yourself, this would be too expensive. Not if you already have a relationship with your customer list or if you’ve done your research and you’ve targeted your prospects the right way.

Direct mail has a consistent 29% return on investment. Social media has a 30% return. So using the mail is on par with the return on investment in social media marketing.

4. Laser beam your message to identified prospects and customers

The USPS has a system that is already set up to assist businesses to find, segment, and send laser beam targeted messages to businesses and households within a specific area or zip code. This is done through its every door direct mail service.

Much of the work is already done for you. You simply go to the website and use it to determine where and to whom you want to send your message. You can then decide if you want to send a postcard, envelope, or a 3D mailer.

Combine this with an email sales campaign and it can be a powerful one-two punch to scale your business and pump up profits.

5. Target millenniums

Image created by the author — Canva

Direct mail is slow compared to email and the rapid flow of internet chatter, but it’s hot and one of the reasons is because it has a higher trust factor. This sets very well with the millennium market (born between 1981–1997).

Younger consumers in this group don’t associate direct mail with “junk mail” as older customers do such as “baby boomers” born between 1946–1964. On the contrary, millenniums attach the negative of “junk mail” more to emails than to direct mail through the U.S. Postal Service.

Millenniums get bunches of emails on a daily basis but relatively few mail items in their mailbox. They are used to and are somewhat numb to email and social media. Getting “snail mail”, as the U.S. Mail is referred to, gives them pause to appreciate a message they can hold in their hands and forget the chatter of the world for a moment.

There are 72.1 Millennials in America alone. They are the largest generation group having surpassed Baby Boomers as the biggest group. This statistic will reign for several years.

Sending Millennials a direct mail piece is a way to stand out and draw attention. They are already primed to receive, accept, and open direct mail.


There you have it, 5 ways to use direct mail to boost your business. Take these and apply them as part of your marketing channel mix. Test them one at a time and see which one best matches or enhances what you’re doing now.

If you incorporate direct mail within your marketing mix it can make a positive difference in your bottom line.




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