7 Super Effective Tinder Pickup Lines I’ve Gotten During Quarantine

“Hey cutie, you tryna get choked?”

Hannah Berman
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4 min readAug 12, 2020


Image: Hannah Berman

You can say many bad things about lockdown, but one there’s one thing you cannot say: that it’s ruining your dating life. Guess what? You have absolutely no excuse to let the coronavirus put a damper on your city-wide search for a new boo! Thanks to dating apps (like Tinder) and social factors (like isolation from our peers), it’s never been easier to find love. Quarantine romance is 100% a thing, y’all, so you can say goodbye to getting ghosted.

I recently decided to download Tinder myself so that I could get to work on locking down a boyfriend for when I next leave my house in 2021, and I was NOT disappointed. Take a look at some of the hot pickup lines men have sent me online recently that almost tempted me to break social distancing guidelines—I hope it inspires you to go on your own virtual journey and seek out the love you deserve, too!

1. “What antidepressants you on”

What I loved about this pickup line is that with one simple question, Matthew proved right off the bat that he was thinking about me as a human being, not just sexualizing me based on my profile. Starting our conversation with this personal question convinced me that Matthew was really looking to get to know me, the real me, and that made me very interested in getting to know him right back. Who doesn’t love being spoiled every now and again? Connection established!

2. “Lol is everything ok?!”

I know what you’re thinking: Who the hell uses “?!” instead of “??” these days? That was my immediate reaction, too. You might call it a red flag, but I had a hunch that the question-mark-exclamation-point combo was just evidence that Justin was an old soul, and after messaging for a few days I can confidently say that I was right! Also, extra points for “Lol” — I love it when men lead with a little laughter, because it makes them seem so down-to-earth, which makes me feel comfortable cracking a smile back.

3. “Hey cutie, you tryna get choked? It’ll take ur mind off things ;)”