7 Tips to Lighten Your Stretch Marks

How I turned my flaws into beauty.

Sneha Nagre


Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash

Do you love your stretch marks?

I do. As time passed, I got to know that these are not stretch marks but are tigress marks. They are not flaws but are beautiful marks that show what our body is capable of.

Here is how I got stretch marks.

During COVID, due to a sedentary lifestyle, I gained a lot of weight. Due to this, I got many stretch marks. When I used to dress myself, I noticed a few more stretch marks on my waist and arms.

At first, I was feeling shy and trying to cover my body with full shirts and pants. I couldn’t even wear the pretty dress as I started hating my body day by day.

After one year, I lost some of my weight, but still, the stretch marks got worse due to loose skin. I was getting body-shamed for the reason. Due to this, I was getting depressed.

What changed my perspective about stretch marks?

As a medical student, I started learning about stretch marks as causes, effects, and remedies.

I learned that the body is not constant. It changes from time to time. Each change in the body is the reflex of our actions. But the body can repair and rejuvenate.

Men’s and women’s both get stretch marks.

These stretchmarks, scars, pigmentation, pimples, wrinkles, body hair, and all such things are changeable. But the first task is to accept that they are natural. They will appear in some conditions, but if we make some effort and look after them, then we can reduce their intensity.

I have researched the topic and found out the answer to the following points.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a type of scarring that appears after your skin quickly stretches or shrinks.

They appear on the buttocks, abdomen, breast, arms, and thighs.

They are primarily red, pinkish-purple, and elevated later, they turn whitish and depressed.

What are the causes of stretch marks?

Pregnancy- It occurs mostly in the third trimester as stretching of the abdomen.

Weight gain Due to increased fat the skin stretches.

Sudden weight loss-The skin loses elasticity suddenly, so stretch marks occur.

Bodybuilding -Men also get stretch marks during bodybuilding as their muscles get bigger.

Genetic- If you have a family history of stretch marks.

Marian syndrome - It is a disorder so a person should consult a physician.

Here are seven tips on how I lighten my stretch marks.

Aloe vera gel- Aloe vera has miraculous properties of skin healing and repairing. Get fresh aloe vera leaf. Leave it for 20 min so the toxin gets out of it. Then, wash it and apply it on the skin. Do this for 2–3 months for better results.

Tulsi juice+ neem juice-It is very effective in skin healing and in skin disease.

Massage with Oils-Sesame oil is considered the best oil. You can also use castor oil and kumkumadi oil in combination for better results.

Wild Turmeric paste-It is the best remedy for stretch marks. Take its powder and you can also add sandalwood and make a paste with rose water. Apply on the skin and let it dry for 30 min, and then rinse with water.

Gotu kola( Centella asiatica) - It is an herb used in Indonesia, China, and Ayurvedic medicine to treat stretch marks. It is available in cream and gel form. Consult a physician for the right one.

Vitamin ‘E’- Application of Vit ‘E’ externally as well as consuming vitamin ‘E’ rich fruits.

Proper diet- Food containing proper nutrients, especially zinc and protein.

These were my seven tips, which I researched and used, which helped me to lighten my stretch marks. But it needs consistency and patience.

Because the effect will be seen slowly, quick chemical creams cause side effects, but these natural things will give a slow but genuine effect.

Stretch marks can’t be 100% disappeared. But it can lighten up to 70–80 percent.

Always love your body. All flaws are beauty itself. Accept yourself and be glad of the process and changes.

Thank you for reading my article. I am a medical student studying Ayurvedic medicine and enjoy my readers with what I learn at school and what I practice in real life.



Sneha Nagre

Medical student of Ayurveda. Want to create awareness about the wrong lifestyle we are leading. Let us join and create a healthy family.