8 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making While Charging Your Mobile Phone

Sameer Lohana
Jun 19, 2020 · 4 min read
Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

In today’s world, mobile phones are the most commonly used gadgets. From a child to an adult, everyone is carrying this device that has so many different features in it that they have become everything a person might need. They have become a part of us and we can’t imagine a day without having them in our hands.

They are indeed very useful and help us in so many ways. The only issue people face with it is its battery draining so quickly and the frequent need to charge the mobile phone.

With the exception of few, most smartphones with average daily usage have to be charged once a day for its proper functioning.

Nowadays we spend most of our time on our mobile phones from watching YouTube or Netflix, surfing on Facebook to attending various important meetings via Zoom calls. Everything is done on mobile these days.

With the increased usage of our mobile phones, its battery life span starts to gradually decrease due to which its charging does not even last a whole day.

There was a time when almost all of the mobile phones used to have a detachable battery. So, if in case the battery loses its effectiveness we replace it with another battery. But nowadays most of the smartphones come with a non-detachable battery. So we have to change our mobile phones if they have any kind of battery issues.

Following are given 8 mistakes that we can avoid making while charging our smartphones which can help our phone charging to last longer than usual and can increase the life span of our smartphone’s battery.

Mistake No: 01. Using your phone while it’s being charged

Mistake No:02. Leaving charger attached to the socket after removing mobile from it

Mistake No:03. Leaving your phone in a case while charging

Mistake No: 04. Installing battery-saving Apps

Mistake No: 05. Allowing the battery to die fully before charging or keeping it charged till 100%

Mistake No: 06. Keeping Bluetooth or WiFi always turned on

Mistake No: 07. Using random off-brand chargers to charge the phone

Mistake No:08. Leaving the Smartphone plugged in overnight


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