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A Big Thank You: How I Reached 2000 Followers on Medium

How Consistency, Engagement, and Quality Content Led to Success

Amit Biwaal
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2 min readMar 25


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Hey, this is a great moment.

I’m so excited to share that I recently hit 2000 followers on Medium!

It’s been a long road of hard work and dedication, but it’s all worth it watching my audience grow and engage with my content.

I achieved this big goal and one of the reasons is that thousands of people visit my account on Medium every month. I worked really hard to make content that my readers like and it helped me get more people to engage and follow me.

Here’s the fun part…

I use SemRush to keep up with the latest trends and popular keywords people are looking for. This helps me create unique and engaging content that readers love and share.

Overall, SemRush helps me identify popular topics and write about them in a way that sets me apart.

In addition to this, I have been running my own blog for the past year, on which I provide unbiased reviews of various software and internet-related guides.

This has enabled me to cultivate a community of followers who value my insights and expertise, as well as to establish myself as a trusted authority in my field.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get to 2,000 followers on Medium; it is a huge accomplishment for me.

To that end, I welcome your continued support as a Medium follower and ask that you consider sharing my articles with others who might benefit from them.

You should definitely follow me on Medium if you haven’t already!

This article needs your help spreading, so if you found it interesting, please share it with your own followers.

As a group, we can keep encouraging one another and rejoicing over the rewards of our diligence, focus, and ingenuity.



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