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A Déjà Vu Visionnaire

Eyes making us go backward

Photo by Arnaud Papa on Unsplash

On a beautiful and sunny day, while playing ping pong, the 10-year-old boy, whose name is Bobby asks his father the very one question that all kids should ask their daddy. He goes on and questions his papa:

-“Daddy, what is a visionnaire? ”
-“ That’s a good question son! Why do you ask?”
-“ Well in class, the teacher asked us. And already in the press, in the
entertainment magazines, they’re talking loads about it. It’s like super hype! It’s
the thing to do these days. That’s the impression I get anyway. Visionary here…
visionary there… Visionary absolutely everywhere.

A theatrical aparté: Is it possible that we have all become so visionary and so focused on breakthrough business plans that we forget to simply, see things? Is being a visionary becoming boring or should I say, old school?

Readers: Please continue reading. It might be the case that : Visionaries are something of the past.

“Listen Bobby. A very simple question for you: how do you perceive the world?

“Well daddy, isn’t that an obvious one? I believe our eyes are the tool that help us intake the reality signals the outside world is throwing at us.”

To summarise, clear eyesight is our way to perceive the world. I think it should be our duty, the most noble duty to captivate this vision, all these signals and be enchanted by that particular moment. It should be okay to embellish things or exaggerate a little. It’s important to stay humble, not carried away though. Live the present at full speed!

Is this hypnotisation of the present moment? Is that the recipe to ecstatic happiness? No...It can’t be. You are a dreamer — Come back to reality! — Dreams are for teddy bears.

You want to navigate in your vision. But how come for all the things we love, the things that are important, we close our eyes? We kiss with our eyes closed. We pray with our eyes closed, we sleep with our eyes closed. Do we navigate better with eyes closed? Are you Trapped in imagination? I guess you can use the yellow submarine to escape this imagination of yours from time to time so you can meet Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Get it? Perhaps you are too old dad. Do you get my cultural references?

Bobby, neither of us are young or old. It’s all a question of perspective. It's the remixed present moment. Twist it if you will, but after all it’s the moment, and the relationship to it, to your environment, to your soul: That’s Harmony with a capital H. Past, Present, Future is all one with physics and twisted skills.

— Long Pause — Long Pause— Long Pause — Long Pause — Long Pause —Long Pause — Long Pause— Long Pause— Long Pause — Long Pause —

15 magical years have passed. Bobby has worked tremendously well on his visionary skills. It may be his critical thinking skills, or perhaps his admiration for poetry or it could also be a bit of both. After all, he always thought to himself that if you knew how to dose things well , everything should be part of the equation. That’s mysticality after all, isn’t it? So anyway, our dear Bobby, experienced a change of heart.

He twisted the word visionary quite well. That’s what I would call a shift in perspective. He meets his father and as any son does, he brags about his findings but his father eager to hear and quite excited interruptss him….

His dad shouts and asks: “how have matters changed in 15 years son? I cannot wait to hear your intuitions. Is it a visionary vision? A traditional vision? A Déjà Vu vision or a sentionalized vision?”

“Dad, traditionally speaking, a visionary is somebody that has found a problem and found a way to solve it. But no matter how they work… There will always be problems in this world… That’s human nature.”

I shall affirm that A Twisted Visionary is something to be. A Twisted visionary is more precise… Please continue reading to understand.

“You want to find a problem that’s in you: dig it, experience it, play with it and solve it so you make it your vision. Persevere, make efforts, share some of it with the public so you empower yourself & the audience. That’s the way to produce insanely great work!”

Today’s visionaries and today’s AI is behaving like Obsolete Masters Of The Past. Machines and Technology have always existed in it should work for the future and to add harmony to humanity. But when I see that some are using their visionary skills by adding uncommon sense and noise to humanity or by embellishing the past (the1896 cinematic train for instance.) I think that’s nonsense! It’s going backwards. Its “Déjà Vu”, it’s adding toxicity and it’s boring!

A visionary from the inside, a star from the outside. You do NOT want to be a sensationalised, nostalgic or a lousy visionary, be a Twisted Visionary instead.



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