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A Different Approach to Build Habits.

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Tiny Habits

I guess the name is self-explanatory, the main idea behind is to take the habit that you want to build and decrease its complexity by 10. For example, imagine you want to do 100 pushups each day. In the beginning, you may be able to do it because you have the motivation, but the problem is that this level of motivation will not last forever. That is why you need to decrease the habit’s complexity. So instead of doing 100 pushups you just need to do 10. In this case, it is nearly impossible to miss a day! I mean it is just 10 pushups. Once you break the resistance and accept the habit, you can increase the level of complexity.

My personal experience

Before the year 2020, I have never finished a book in my life, I even did not think about it. At the beginning of 2020, I set a goal that at the end of this year I will finish 10 books! And I implemented the Tiny Habits technique. My goal was to read only 2 pages each day, and that was a ridiculous number for expert readers. The magic started at that moment, whenever I feel unmotivated to read I just tell myself that it is 2 pages only. After repeating this scenario daily, I built momentum and reading was the main part of my routine. The 2 pages increased to 30 pages a day, and that change happened because I focused first to build the momentum and make this habit natural for me. At the end of 2020, I finished 23 books, which was a great achievement for me.


Focus always on the small blocks and the tiny habits that you build, because over time these will accumulate and have a dramatic change in your life. This amazing quote from “James clear” will summarize the whole concept for you.



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