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A Good Leader in Organisation

Coachable and Transformative Leadership Style sets Clear Goal and gives Constructive Feedback

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A good leader creates a conducive work environment, gives constructive feedback to colleagues, and leads with purpose. A good leader always remains positive and transmits positive energy. A good leader changes between different states of mind easily and releases negative energy before talking. First, we go through how a leader can create a conducive work environment by engaging his colleagues to give them the best employee experience in the organization.

Good Leader’s Things To Do

  • Say Hi, Hello to all
  • Coaches individuals for a bright future and make them skillful
  • Gives constructive feedback
  • Sometimes people could take it personal as people are connected to work so deeply, therefore one needs to motivate; feedback is not on the individual but it is related to the work.
  • Often involved in a small talk in order to have familiarity with colleagues

Small talk could be the talk of yourself

  • Open questions from others. For example, do you go skiing?
  • Know in person another person in order to avoid conflicts
  • Manage meetings effectively. Meeting has a start time, purpose and conclusion
  • Follow up by asking or sending emails for the tasks
  • Fulfill promises
  • Self-aware about the strength and weakness of oneself.
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Good Leader Gives Feedback

  • Give feedback for improvement.
  • Feedback at the right time, considering personal circumstances and not in front of people, depending on the person you are engaged with.
  • Not give a solution but involve a person in identifying the problem.
  • Address things with negative person wisely. When giving feedback, mention that you are giving feedback on work, not on him/her.
  • Tell the person that you could be more descriptive but he/she need to be open-minded to listen
  • Feedback should not result in a perfectionist spiral. Taking out the person from micro details, edges, and emphasis on the defined goals.
  • That is good, could be in the feedback discussion.
  • Some tips for giving feedback

Appropriate time

Good purpose

Be objective

Come up with improvement together

  • The way you give feedback affect future work. Feedback could be given in the following modes

Passive which could results in stress as lack of direction


  • While working together, if someone comes up with a problem. one could focus on questions

What is the problem?

How would you like this to be?

What can you do?

  • In conversation, you could be



Stuck in problem

Distracted, Other person attend phone or look at smart watch 😟

The goal definition with a list of activities. (Image Source: Author)

Leader Leads with Clear Goal

Goals are necessary to define in order to achieve the vision set by the organization and individuals. The following could be some of the few points to consider

  • Clear goal
  • Purpose, meaning to the goals. For example personal motivation
  • Challenge to achieve the goals

What needs to be done to achieve the goals.

How would it look like when you achieve these goals?

Make a structure to achieve the goal. The structure could help you make sleep because it lets you know that you are working according to plan.

Weekly progress and personal development.



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