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A little owl tries to fly to another land

Picture by Robert Stokoe on Pexels

It’s just a night and a favorite food

The little bird couldn’t sleep from staring at the moon. The little bird sings a lullaby. His way of speaking was still very fragile, untrue, and his voice was even beaten by the crickets. Small bird always got mice as their favorite food by his parent. Little bird who never know their purpose why they live in old tree holes.

Point of light

Two months have passed the night, but the habit of singing among the crickets is still done before going to bed. Now the voice was clearer and vibrated in its hard beak. Every night, he already knows how beautiful the leaves on the old tree are. But, as time went on he began to wonder at the many points of light across the small river.

A wonderful night

Now every night he is alone, he has been waiting for another bird for a month to bring his favorite mouse. He was getting used to flying in the darkness and silence, and that was the most enjoyable thing so far.

The light guide and the mystery involved with it

Every night he crossed branches, overtook the moth in front of him, then tightened his claws on mice. Now he is definitely an owl. Every night he tried to catch up to the light on the other side and then went home to enjoy his favorite mouse. Every new scene of his journey that he found directly he drew with his paws on the surface of an old teak. Now theres many months had passed, and still not knowing the reason why he was hunting for light, but one thing that is true, he is now off trying to find out what was there.



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Raja Lubis

Raja Lubis

Leaving notes, but occasionally writing about insects