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A Mother’s Day Essay

My Mom And Me

Mother’s Day is upon us once again. That annual holiday dedicated to one of the most important people I have in my life. Of course, that my mom. I don’t consider anything cliche about writing about my mom on this particular holiday. I just write this, out of love. Because my mom makes me happy. So I use this time, to gain a smile.

I have learned through all my many journeys that we need to appreciate the ones in life we consider close. We have to practice mindfulness in relationships like mother and child, because like we have all heard before, we only get one mother.

I grew up in a household of five. Mom, Dad, younger brother, Nick and older sister, Lisa. It was a good childhood. I had a pretty good life growing up.

My Mother And Me

My parents were good parents, and they neither tortured me or hassled me except when it was likely valid. They didn’t let me get away with murder, and they also didn’t let me have too much freedom, that they didn’t give a shit. There was certainly no staying out until 2am at 16, or 17. And not even 18 neither.

The running joke that is still quite active amongst us five even today is that I was, and am my mom’s favorite. We always laugh when someone says that statement for the millionth time. My mom doesn’t really like to hear it. But deep down we know that while a mother may love differently, nobody is more loved or favorite than the next. My mom’s love spreads out equally.

If I were a woman of 70 years old, I would likely be the spitting image and personality of my mother. Our similarities are so strong, that even I myself can see it. And you know what, that’s ok with me. My mom has been my hero through good days, and bad. So if I had to be like anyone, I would choose the kind hearted, loyal person that is my mom.

Pixel2013; Pixabay

Sometimes we butt heads, but that is our similarities working. And that’s okay with me. My mom has been wonderful, and the list of reasons, is longer then eternity. Even when I have wronged or hurt my mom, and I was sincerely sorry, she always forgave me. Even when I was a truly hurtful son, my mom kept me in her life. My mom has always had my back. Even when I didn’t deserve it. My mom is the definition of unconditional love.

My mom never spoiled me, she just loved me.

Her kindness comes so gentle. She can read me like no other. And she’s better qualified than the very best lie detector machine, when it comes to if I’m lying or not. At times that has seemed scary, but then I began to learn something valuable. Her ability to see through my words, taught me to tell the truth. And to depend on honesty, to get me through the toughest times. I was able to see that lying just prolonged the worst.

I’ve lost her trust, I’ve earned it back. I’ve had such joy in spending my time with mom.

MichaelGaida; Pixabay

All the dark days that have flooded our lives, have shown my the value of mom. We all live in an imperfect world. But I’m mindful now of how much I love her. She makes me feel worth it, and shows me that I deserve happiness.

Nowadays we laugh, we shop, we talk, we eat. We utilize time, as the valuable thing it is. We don’t focus our energy on the pety. We’d rather remain happy, and live with that happiness in the future. I’ve learned the meaning of our relationship, and I sometimes learned it the tough way.

It’s Mother Day for my mother and yours. Use the time for what it’s for. Don’t dwell on the past, don’t stress about the future. Just sit and laugh and love, today, in the now. Do it mindfully, and happily.

-Michael Patanella; New Jersey, USA



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