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A Panda Bear’s Story

It’s ok not to be ok sometimes…this too shall pass.

Photo by Debbie Molle on Unsplash

There lives a bear in the Forest of Mind,

Caring, nurturing and kind,

When life gets rough and wrecked,

She resorts to her cave to contemplate and reflect.

It’s ok to feel

sadness, anger, happiness, stress and grief

She knows that at the end of the dark tunnel there will be relief

All her emotional experiences are valid and accepted

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable and disconnected

She has learnt that life is full of highs and lows

As they say what you choose to focus on grows.

So she focuses on the small wins and gains,

showing appreciation for all that remains.

She is scared of failure and rejection,

striving every day for perfection

But then she realises, looking at her little paws,

that she is worthy of love and acceptance, despite her flaws.

She knows she can go through it because she has done it before

Life is an opportunity to fall, rise again, learn and explore

She leans on her friends for help and protection,

As she waits patiently working on her imperfections.

Thank you for reading this poem. May is mental health awareness month. I have written this poem to send an important message (to myself first and foremost) that despite the rainbows and sunshine, there will be rainy days in life where we will have to deal with lots of uncomfortable emotions and stress. It is really important that we show compassion to ourselves when going through these tough times. Validating and accepting our feelings as well as showing love and appreciation can go a long way. I have also recognised that we all have different ways to deal with stress, so I have learnt to respect myself and give myself space and time to deal with my emotions. Everything in life is a process, and it takes time so there is no need to rush this process.

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”
Erin Hanson



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Huria Met


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