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A Poem About Bullying

Photo by Nick Nice on Unsplash

Yes, this is a direct title, designed to catch your attention. But, it’s not clickbait because it does what it says on the tin — I promise.

You should derive your own meaning from poetry.

But sometimes poetry could use a little explanation.

Especially if it’s an important topic — one not visited regularly enough.

It is one of the biggest mental health issues, yet often gets sidetracked in modern discourse — a hidden epidemic.

And it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.


Wet tarmacadam sloughed off like skin

further from his comfort

he had never been

size five sneakers flailed about and ‘chase’

was no more a game than a life or death reality

screaming vulgarities and smirks as they knew better


all cuts closer to the bone now

when once in a while the paper shows

polished children in brown boxes

too small to hold a heart of gold

but large enough to sleep beside

trite opinions sorely felt



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