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A Poem Consisting Entirely of Indie/Rock lyrics #4

Photo by Martin Robles on Unsplash

Let's have it right
Sunset’s been a freak show
Honey, when you kill the lights
I’ve seen it all go, come back around
And I’m shakin’ like a leaf
Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind
And why would you believe you could control how you’re perceived
A simple mistake starts the hardest time

Can’t you see that you’re smothering me
I don’t have to sell my soul
The fish are belly up
January made me shiver
And when you’re lost I feel it too
The common goal
We shared the same bus to the school they taught art
Where’s the love song to set us free?


L1: Pete Doherty — Flags Of the Old Regime
L2: Phoebe Bridgers — Kyoto
L3: Hozier — To Be Alone
L4: Kings of Leon — Beautiful War
L5: Noel Gallagher — The Girl with X-Ray Eyes
L6: Jeff Buckley — Last Goodbye
L7: The 1975 — Sincerity Is Scary
L8: Snow Patrol — Chocolate
L9: Linkin Park — Numb
L10: The Stone Roses — I Wanna Be Adored
L11: Radiohead — Lift
L12: Paolo Nutini — Lose it
L13: Mark Lanegan — Don’t forget me
L14: Declan McKenna — The Key to Life on Earth
L15: Stereophonics — Right Place Right Time
L16: Blur — Out of Time



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