A Sex Driven Night, Which Made Me Cheat on My Wife

Unfolding a late-night metro ride where a girl had approached me.

Krishna V Chaudhary
May 3 · 6 min read
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The life which I am having after my marriage is like one of those fascinating fairy tales. Today, we are in the fourth year of marriage and the thing which we both embrace about each other is the mutual trust and transparency which we have carried since the first day. We both share our hearts out with each other.

But there was a day in my life where I cheated on her and she doesn’t know about it. Even today I remember all the instances of that particular day. It was around six months past our marriage and we got a call from her parents. They wanted both of us to visit them due to a medical emergency. My Father-in-law was out of town and my wife’s mother was all alone by herself. She had been admitted to a hospital. I had a commitment in my office. Thus, I politely refused my visit, but also I assured her that my wife will be there for her as soon as possible. So on the same day, I had booked her a flight. The flight was scheduled for the next night.

That day we got busy with her packing. In the noon, we spent some time together, I deposited some money in her bank account, including her travel expenses and the later hospital expenses. She kept on urging me too to come with her. I gave her a promise that I will be there with her in the next ten days.

We booked a cab for the airport. Although she kept on insisting that she can go by herself, but I came with her to bid farewell. This was the first time after marriage that we were going to be away from each other for the next couple of days.

She was teary-eyed for leaving me alone. But her departure was also important. So we both soothe ourselves and I waved her bye. At this particular time, I was somewhere emotionally disturbed. Then I gathered myself and started searching for ways to get back home as it was already dark. At first, I thought of booking a cab, but I couldn’t find any. So, I took the metro for the ride.

Photo by Ivan Akimenko on Unsplash

It was the last metro so without any thinking I got into a compartment. Apart from me, there were four more people, out of which there was a girl, who was in her mid-twenties. She was talking loudly on her phone, maybe complaining to one of her friends about her hostel warden. “That old fat lady has given me two warnings, she says if I will be late to the hostel again, she will inform my parents and I do not want that to happen” were her words. “I’ll think of other ways of spending the night. Just do me a favor, if that lady calls you tell her I am with you”, saying this she hanged the call. She was sitting at a two-meter distance from me and all her conversations were audible to the people around.

She was wearing blue-colored flare jeans with a red t-shirt on top. I was carrying my earphones, so I had put them in my ears. Then I started watching some videos on Youtube so that I won't fall asleep. After some time I saw that there were only three people left in the compartment. A woman in her guard uniform who may have entered from the last station, that girl and me.

After a couple of minutes, the girl came to me and asked about the distance left for the central park. I said it is five stations away. She then started a conversation and asked questions about which place I will get off the metro. Then she kept quiet for some time, but she was still sitting on the seat next to me. To maintain decorum, I asked her about her education as she was quite young and I couldn’t think of anything else.

I do not know in what way she took my approach, but sooner or later she started sharing some of her personal details. Like about her family, sister, and about her boyfriend. All I said in response was “Ok!”, “Hmm!”. While she was talking, I got a sniff of alcohol from her. It became clear to me that maybe she might not be in her all senses. Then after a small pause, she started complaining about her boyfriend.

“You know my boyfriend recently cheated on me. He is having an affair with one of my seniors from college.” I tried to console her by saying “You are beautiful! You will get the man who will love you and not cheat you”. Her face all sparkled up. At once she rejoiced and got happy. I knew she took it in a flirty way, although that was never my intention. My only mistake was that I didn’t correct her. I do not know what was going in my mind at that time. She asked my name and told me that she’ll soon send me a friend request on the social networking site.

The conversation then took turns from sharing personal details to an affectionate talk. She was praising me saying “You have treated me so well till now. I wish my boyfriend had some of your qualities!”

“Will you do me a favor? Will you please get down with me at my stop?” was her question to me after a subtle pause. The first thought which came to my mind was about her safety as it was already late at night. So I agreed with a smile.

We got down at her stop. We walked for about 10 minutes. She kept on initiating the conversation. She after noticing me started questioning about my gymming and things I do to remain fit. I answered most of her questions thinking that maybe she is also a fitness enthusiast.

“You look great. Don’t you have any girlfriend?”
“No. I don’t have any. Why?”
“Just asking. Being single is also fun! Isn’t it?”
“Yeah! Maybe.”

Just then two street dogs came barking from behind and ran past us to some dog at a distance. By that barking sound, she got afraid and she had held my hand tightly. “It’s ok. The dogs went.”, I said. “I am sorry. I panicked.”

After that, she was more curious to know more about me. However, for some of her questions, I falsely replied as she was still a stranger to me. I couldn't tell anything and everything true about myself.

Then what happened was the reason why I still remember that night very well. I can recall every word that she said to me that day. She said to me “See, to tell you more clearly, I am frank and open-minded. I live in a hostel, but I can’t go there today. So how about you and I spend this night together? I promise it will be fun(winked and held my hand).”

That was something I really wasn’t expecting from her. I said, “I don’t know what to say.” To my surprise, she said, “Let me help you decide”. Saying this, she leaned forward, approaching to kiss me. I was all thoughtless. Then the moment our lips touched, I took my step back.

“I am sorry. Well, I think I can help you in some other way.” I then took my phone out, booked a cab for her, and said “You can go to any of your friend’s houses. And it was nice meeting you. Hope you realize that at an early age, like yours, the mistakes you commit will be irreversible. So, next time, please take steps in your life with more care.”

Today before publishing this, I asked my wife to read it. Her face is like a mirror, the emotions she has inside been always clearly visible on her face. Watching her read this, I am sure she is going through mixed emotions. Partially, she is upset with me. All I want is for her to know that she is the only one I am in deep deep love with. And I will never ever break our sweet bond.
I love you, my sweet wife. ❤


We curate outstanding articles from diverse domains and…

Krishna V Chaudhary

Written by

Top writer in History (Quality over Quantity). Subject Inclination: Psychology, Science, and Humanity. Editor of The History Magazine.


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

Krishna V Chaudhary

Written by

Top writer in History (Quality over Quantity). Subject Inclination: Psychology, Science, and Humanity. Editor of The History Magazine.


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

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