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A Little Secret That Will Help You Lose an Extra 1 KG of Body Weight

Here will be no fashionable workouts and diets. It is more simple than that

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What if there was an easy way to lose weight? If you didn’t have to make any special effort and the weight went away? Let me offer you one good solution.

I have long wondered how to lose weight. I read scientific articles and check everything myself. And it all comes down to one thing:

Two main ways to lose weight emerge from this hypothesis:

1) Increased loss of energy. Running, training, and other activities of any kind.

2) Decrease in calorie intake. Reduce the amount of food taken.

Today I’m going to tell you how to increase the number of calories you burn without even noticing it.

Leave your bottle in one place

I carried a water bottle with me everywhere. How many times did I forget where I had left it during practice. As soon as I stopped taking the bottle with me, I solved that problem. But that wasn’t all!

  • My fitness bracelet recorded an extra loss of calories.

Each workout, I started to spend 20–50 kcal more. If not for the bracelet, I wouldn’t have noticed anything. Since to drink water, I now need to go for a bottle. I began to burn more calories.

You might say that twenty kilocalories are ridiculously low. But take the twelve months’ distance. In one year, you will lose from half to one kilogram of excess weight. At the same time, You don’t even feel any additional load.

Losing a kilogram of excess weight without dieting and exercise is not enough?

My advice to you is to keep the bottle as far away as possible. It will increase the number of steps and so the number of calories spent on it. I drink a sip of water between each set. It makes me walk plenty of times.


To lose weight, you don’t always have to diet and exercise. It is enough to introduce small habits that will help you burn extra calories. A few of these little habits will not only help you lose weight but also improve your overall health.

The water bottle is just one example. Replace the elevator ride with the stairs. Keep your homemade glass of water in the kitchen, not in front of your laptop. Don’t yell at the whole house from another room, but go to family members and ask.

Everything is in your power. All you have to do is want to do it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this

Andy D

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