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A Time for Everything

The real reason I get up in the morning

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I don’t eat anything that has calories anytime after 7 pm. I find it’s good for my abs. Many people who know me know this about me. What they don’t know is that sometimes, for a period of what could be one week to three months, I relapse. Of course, I don’t tell anyone that I have relapsed because that’ll make it a whole lot harder to get back on the horse (that’s a figure of speech. I am not a fan of horseback riding because I feel the horses don’t like it)

I have quite a cryptocurrency portfolio. It’s vast and impressive in a lot of people’s opinion. Let me give you a clue…700,000DOGE but what people do not know is that time and time again, I have had to liquidate in order to attend to life’s emergencies. For me, that’s a relapse but I don’t beat myself up too much. I could’ve said I don’t have the money but…there’s a time for everything. What is the balance in having if it won’t be used? Planting would make no sense if there was no time for harvesting and eating. If we eat, then we must have time to plant so that we can see what to eat when that time comes.

We need the energy to go through our day and to have that energy, we must rest at some point. To spend money, there must be time to earn it. We all know this — it’s the balance of life. However, most of us don’t apply it and that causes an imbalance. Many people want to make money and not spend it. we want to work and not rest. We want to eat and not fast. We want to keep having children and we still want to live forever…wtf? There has to be a time for everything.

For me, I no longer force the times. I was on a weekend vacation and I consumed a fairly large amount of alcohol for those five days (yes the weekend extended to the next Tuesday) and I had a knowing that it was time to lay off the drinks. Those five days for me became the time for drinking and I enjoyed every moment of it. However, when the time to stay off drinks came, I enjoyed that too.

When I am hard on my diet, I could go months on fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. I feel great and invincible and then I start craving unholy foods. Instead of fighting the thought, I think to myself… I have been going great on this healthy spree. Why is my body (and mind) thinking of eggs and ice cream? Did I see an ad? Of course, I examine the cravings and if they persist, I hit the Icecream parlour. You know why? because there has to be a time for everything.

I avoid conflict at all costs. I like being peaceful but every once in a while, I see that a particular conflict is unavoidable — so what do I do? Conflict must be settled in order for peace to continue so I have to enter the situation. It doesn’t mean that I am no longer a person of peace; in fact, I am eager to resolve those unavoidable conflicts because I am a person of peace. I remind myself that it is the time for conflict resolution and yes I may have to elevate my heart rate and voice (which I absolutely hate) in order to have my peace back.

What I am saying here basically is that the need to stay on the wagon for the longest amount of time is what has created addicts of any kind. We need to let go of that pressure and just be.

I had pneumonia in January 2021 but that didn’t mean that I am no longer healthy. It was a relapse in my health and within a week; with no medication, I might add, my body fought it off. I still went for all my social and work engagements all through that week despite the pain, I was legit afraid of coughing because I had to draw deep breaths but I was okay with that because I know there is a time for sickness and a time for health. Without illnesses, how would the immune system fortify itself?

At times when I have spread myself too thin financially, my brain goes into creative mode and we find new ways to earn. So if I lived in constant fear of being broke, I’d break my creative cycle and become clingy to money (like most of the world is) and while I am working day and night to earn, I would not rest or give (surely you know people like this).

In every aspect of life, there has to be a time for both polarities to occur. To want it any other way would be selfish. By accepting both polarities, we open ourselves to experience more life and that is how it should be.

Enjoy happiness and sadness — enjoy health and illness. Enjoy companionship but also enjoy your alone time. This is how balance is achieved.

But what do I know right?



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