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About Me — Alan Lew

[Updated April 2, 2022] From an academic to a blogger/author on Medium.

Everything has purpose and value, and every moment is a synchronicity
— my sankalpa



I am happy to be included in a collection of interviews by Regina Clarke with some of her favorite writers on Medium. She published that on April 1, 2022 — and that is not a joke. 😊

This interview goes into a lot more detail on my current outlook on writing a life…


… was based on the original version of this self-introduction. It was last updated on November 26, 2020.

In mid-2019 I retired from my university after some 40 years as a graduate student then professor studying, teaching, researching, and writing about human geography, urban/community planning, and tourism development.

During that time, I had written several textbooks and over 100 academic articles and book chapters, mostly on tourism-related topics, and often related to East and Southeast Asia. (I am ethnically half-Chinese; born and raised in California. I link my academic website below.)

I am still involved in some academic things, but am cutting back considerably as I focus my attention on new directions related to spirituality, including meditation (I have practiced TM since 1974); yoga (I recently became a certified yoga teacher); Reiki, gong and sound healing (website below); and channeling my Energy Group / Higher Self (website below). My wife says I am complicated, which is probably why my first year of retirement was a busy one!

Alan Lew (in Sedona, Arizona) © all rights reserved

In the last few years before I retired, I became very interested in the role of travel and tourism in expanding humankind’s ‘global consciousness’ and I wrote several papers and gave quite a few lectures on that topic (download via link below).

The expansion and ascension of personal and global consciousness continues to be one of my major passions, and is the motivation behind my New Earth Consciousness publication on Medium (again, linked below).

I have always loved writing. To me, it is a form of channeling my higher intelligence, and in that way, it feels more like a collaboration. And I love it even more when I do not need to worry about having my papers rejected by academic journals! So Medium seems to be a good place for me at this point in my life.

Finally, I express my fundamental beliefs in my Sankalpa (intentions or goals that define me spiritually). That includes 3 statements:

  • “I will lead with my heart”
  • “My knowledge will create a New Earth”
  • “Every Thing has Value and Purpose, Every Moment is Synchronicity”

These are further expressed in the following actions that guide my discernment (these all came out of my yoga teacher training course):

  1. to express love in every encounter that I have
  2. to recognize oneness and value in everything I see
  3. to act knowing that the present is the only time that really exists
  4. to help expand global awakening
Arizona Snowbowl Ski Area — photo by Alan Lew (cc-by)
  • Checkout New Earth Consciousness, a publication on Medium, and consider Following and joining as a Writer:




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