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Absolut Simplicity

A few months ago I posted on Instagram that I believed I’d find eternal happiness if I bought Cher’s new fragrance.

Wow! I got many messages accusing me of being a material $@!?, a superficial $@!? and a spoiled @#$%! and I should go $%#@ myself and that I am the biggest @$%@ and so onYou get the picture.

I actually posted that in a humorous way but got attacked like Chris Rock did. (Over a joke.)

To be clear, yes I believe in the power of shopping on one’s emotional wellbeing. I think shopping is cheaper than therapy. Sometimes a shirt you…




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Engin Doganay

Engin Doganay

Songwriter; published many songs in professional studio albums. Member of MSG (Musical Work Owners Association) @engindoganay

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