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Accessing Higher Energy Frequencies is Easier Than You Think

Here are 5 steps to attune you into a high vibe being.

photo from original by Jacob Lund

“High vibes” is the phrase of the decade. Everyone is using it and misusing it to describe everything, and of course, most don’t even know what it means.

Kendra, you are not high vibe because you started micro-dosing, attending yoga classes, or use sage to ward off the supposed evil in your home.

It’s way easier than you think, but for the love of God, please stop calling everything “high vibe.”

What is a high vibe, and how do I get it?

Well, to start, you must access higher frequencies. Once you raise your frequency, you will become a high vibe.

Yup, it’s that easy. Well, sort of.

Where is this frequency coming from, you might ask?

Well, it’s from the spiritual realm. For the non-believers, this is when you exit the room.

Everything is energy; thus, everything has energy and carries a vibrational frequency. Even the fruit of the loom t-shirt you are wearing has a vibration.

How high or low is the vibration?

It has a lot to do with our consciousness and the state in which our consciousness is at in that place and time.


For example, I really wanted a brand new white mesh t-shirt from lululemon to wear to brunch with my girlfriends after our spin class, but they sold out! I was bummed.

Yes, it’s not really a need; I get it, but I really wanted it, and it would have made me feel confident and pretty, and heck yeah! A nice reward after a challenging class.

Since I was already out and about shopping, I had the bug for a new top, so I impulsively bought something similar. Of course, what I bought didn’t have the spark.

Now, what’s my point?

Well, nothing is wrong with the top, and to someone else, this top would have given them “that spark.” But because I was already in a state of disappointment, everything and anything I would have bought would have felt just bleak because of my vibrational state.

You are the determiner of the vibe.

You are connected to the universe, and you have built-in software that allows you to tune into frequencies and perceive their vibrational state.

You are a super cool human! Yes, you are!

You can do numerous things to raise your frequency, but I have narrowed them down to the fundamentals. Let’s move past the BS and get you a high vibe.

Oops! one more thing. It is imperative, like for real — for real.

If you do not do this step, just walk away now because what I will tell you will not work. It’s crucial that you truly intend to learn with your spiritual guidance about loving yourself and others.

Yup! more self-love stuff.

Indeed, the simplest of all rules is hardly ever followed. So I repeat, you must learn to love yourself and subsequently love others just as they are. So for the controlling and judgmental people, this one is for you!

I don’t make the rules.

And because I don’t, I will not tell you that you can cut corners. High vibes aren’t for the weak. However, your intent to learn is your most powerful tool for raising your frequency. None of the actions I suggest will increase your frequency without this intent. So once you have this intent, the following steps I explain will help raise your frequency and get you living your best high vibe life.

  • Visualize your wants. Come into your imagination. Imagination itself is a high-frequency state. Our willingness to move into and trust our imagination is essential to connecting with our personal spiritual guidance. When you first begin to utilize your imagination to increase your frequency and connect with your guidance, you might feel that you are just making things up. However, as you take the risk of trusting what you think you are “making up,” you will discover that it really is coming through you from the universe rather than from your mind.
  • Keep your body clear. Your body is an energy system. So if your body is clogged with drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, processed foods, or foods contaminated with pesticides, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or factory-farmed food filled with antibiotics and GMOs,

your frequency is low.

If you’re not ready to let go of your Cheetos, no worries! Again, just be willing to learn; and maybe start off slowly.

Kendra, what did I say? I told you it was sort of easy.



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Vanessa O.

Vanessa O.

I am a dynamic writer on how to energetically glow up your life through self-improvement, self love and energy healing practices in a practical yet funny way.