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Acknowledge What And Who Is In Your Life

Clarity as to your desire will provide what you are seeking in your relationships

What And Who Are You? .- Bradley Dunn, Unsplash

The full moon in Aquarius on 3rd August called us to question what and who are in your life.

To appreciate what each one had brought us and to be willing to let it pass. We are all being pushed to create space for the new to enter.

Doing so may require anything from a major de-cluttering of your house, your address book to recognition that aspects of your work no longer align with your calling.

The Message Is Freedom

Perhaps a particular relationship no longer matches what and who you are becoming?

The full moon, our inner-world, was at 11º Aquarius. An air sign that embodies individuality, independence, fringed with eccentricity, as well as divinely humanitarian.

The moon opposed the Sun at 11º Leo, a fire sign that commands leadership, having the courage to stand tall and be ‘out there’ in the world. Believing in yourself and standing proud in your voice, your gifts, being You.

It also meant the opening of an 11:11 portal.

11 is the master number of inspiration. The only moment to access that is when you are not looking back or forward, just being completely in the moment.

This is the point of infinite potential.

Together these twinkles in the sky create an incredible sense of double new beginnings and listening to your inner voice. Then there is accepting rapid transformation and breakthroughs.

Particularly with regard to freedom and what it means to each of us: personally, professionally and politically. For Aquarius is the sign of individuality. More than any other sign, it encourages people to break free.

Encouraging us to be authentic and true to our own values. To let the truth shine and to abandon all illusion and make-believe constructs that hamper our growth.

In numerology August is a three month. The three is about expressing yourself and speaking up. Find what inspires you and gives you joy, then express it to others.

To stop hiding and to speak up. Which means you have clarity as to what you desire. Until then there can be no focus and certainly no support to provide what it is you are seeking.

Three Steps To Create Your Alignment

Three steps to create such alignment are:

  • Be crystal clear on what it is you are seeking to create and what matters most to you. Write it down whatever it is.
  • Then write out a sentence describing what and who it is you want.
  • Finally, every morning in August read out aloud your sentence.

What I have found is that leaving such intentions in the mind encourages them to remain there. Speaking them out aloud begins the process of manifestation.

As a four Universal year, 2020 is the moment to build a solid foundation for our future and protecting and pursuing what we really desire.

September is the peak energy of the year. It is a four Universal month of materialising and transforming. Though to do so it first needs each of us to be clear what we want, otherwise how can it come into our life?

Hence the importance of your spoken words in August!

Fruition of plans you set in motion at the beginning of 2020 will also begin to become visible. That said, the outcome may not be entirely as you were expecting!

Uranus also features with this Aquarius full moon and in mid-August stations retrograde. Uranus in Taurus brings the essential need to accelerate and innovate in our practical life and survival needs — often through shocks or unexpected twists.

Uranus can spark revolutions as it has its gaze on more humanitarian, freedom loving and unconventional pursuits.

This August full moon will take our consciousness, our awareness to a higher perspective. Beliefs about ourselves, what and who we thought ourselves to be in this world. There will be a shattering of illusions, limitations that society have placed on our freedom.

Know What And Who Are You?

It is our choice whether we choose to break free from oppressive structures or we are catapulted out of our complacency. Liberation can be a challenge that keeps us awake to the moment.

As the world shifts beneath our feet, motivation is needed to achieve our ambitions. Though we may have to contend with confrontations or struggles that require direct action and focused effort.

Self-expression of joy and pleasure will need to be seen and heard for harmony and beauty to be taken seriously.

All of the personal planets are moving forward so this is the moment to initiate projects flowing from your inner calling. The presence of the Sun, your solar plexus, in Leo indicates you have the confidence, courage and personal power to radiate your leadership. To be more You than ever before.

Use the creative power that is available now to communicate your what and who. This is the moment to re-invent yourself, express any new passions of yours or re-ignite some which are slumbering.

Three steps you can take to enhance August´s energies are to:

  • Pursue the passions which provide spark and joy in all walks of your life, including romantic ones.
  • Step back from re-action. Process your feelings before you respond.
  • Use words and expressions which uplift and inspire. Be conscious of the words you use to describe yourself, your life and your direction, especially with yourself.

Do not be afraid to burn down whatever no longer has its place in your life. Surrender to the heat of the five planets which are currently in Fire signs. The speed with which you will rise from the ashes is determined by your actions.

Fire indicates transformation, water the underlying emotions of relationships.

Your Relationships Will Change

My story Relationships And Money Troubles, No Control Of Your Life” indicates messages from your body connected to fear of being controlled by another or of losing control of others, your money, or your authority.

Until April 2026 Uranus is in earthy Taurus. The Earth is provider of all we need to live. My sense is something is about to alter the relationship between humanity and Mother Earth.

This may be initiated by the weather, perhaps a tremor. Whatever it is will be strong and unexpected. The outcome will indicate what we need to change in order to prevent it occurring again.

Change will be needed to avoid even more violent re-actions by Mother Earth. One of my reflections about the past few months has been the number of people who have started to grow their own vegetables. What have they sensed?

The previous Uranus in Taurus was from 1934 to 1942. Which includes the Great Depression and the so called dustbowl in the USA. This was a result of bad land management in terms of farming practices — what new ones have been added?

None of us have prior experiences we can call on to guide us through what is emerging. Hence why we need to listen to our intuition, being free from restrictions, external and internal.

Uranus is saying change is necessary and asking us all to bring about balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives. It is retrograde from 15th August until 14th January 2021. As you know retrogrades are periods for reflection and introspection.

I expect such an event to ensure we do that. Whether or not more tremors, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, storms etc. follow, the agenda is one of changing the way we view Mother Earth herself.

The Lion´s Gate And Entrepreneurs

Because Taurus represents matter, its impact is most felt in terms of food and money.

To this is going to be added the very rare event of Jupiter and Saturn being in Aquarius. This last happened in January 432, during what is now known as the Fall of the Roman Empire.

My expectation is these events will disturb the world financially as well as earthly wise, hence people. Uncertainty and fear are therefore to be expected.

The annual Lion’s Gate peaks on 8th August. It is marked by the heliacal rising of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Sirius will be visible above the eastern horizon just before sunrise. Sirius is a star of legends, known for bestowing wealth, honour, devotion, passion, and powerful creative talent.

The Power Of 8

Open from 28th July to 12th August, everything moves faster and with intensified energy. It will multiply your efforts and keep them burning to full fruition. 8 is the number of power, money, and abundance. It provides the opportunity to change the way you look at your money, this is especially true for entrepreneurs.

The Uranus retrograde on 15th August has the potential to spark innovations in the insights of purposepreneurs. Both in terms of business and curriculum models, including their delivery.

Should you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or intimidated at the thought, take a couple of deep breaths and focus on the next few steps needed. My story “7 Ways To Secure Your Success” will help to take those steps.

The number 8 re-appears with the new moon in Leo which rises early on 19th August. It is asking you to listen to what brings you joy, uplifts and liberates you. To follow what all good leaders do, listen to their intuition, discarding what does not feel beneficial.

Its call is to break up old creative patterns and their unchecked assumptions. To focus our personal will on a new creation.

Message From Source

This latest Message From Source indicates:

“This is a prescient moment for you all. The creation of your individual destiny´s is what is required to move from the point of creation. Only then will it be evident to each of you the nature of the change which is unfolding. There is a new sense of awareness becoming evident amongst humanity.

There is a need for this to ripple out so that more can become aware. Hence the recommendation to communicate your desires and beliefs and values. This will assist in the process of creation as they begin to alter the matrix of Earth. Soon the nature of what is emerging will become evident to more than those creating it. The speed of the change which has been initiated accelerates with each soul that chooses to create their desires.

We are waiting to share what the experiment in creation manifests. We are fascinated by what has emerged so far and the hints appearing as to what humanity is creating. Not the leaders or governments. They are bystanders. Soon more will question their relevance, at least in their current form.

Allow yourself to create your own destiny and behold how it emerges.”

What happens in between now and the end of this year is upto each of us.

To Being Who You Are



Gregory Reece-Smith, aka the Shamanic CEO, is an author, master coach, speaker and shaman. He has worked in corporate and led technology companies worldwide; coaching fledgling organisations to those the size of the international operations of IKEA. He helps conscious entrepreneurs and executives integrate Insights and Inner Guidance with proven practical strategies, freeing them to accelerate their business and their life.

Download a copy of his latest book — the “7 Mystical Ways To Accelerate Your Business And Your Life” to begin accelerating your life.

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