Poem: Alive

Jon & Caroline Cole | Ink-Stained Hearts
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2 min readMar 28, 2024


In loving memory of my father

Dad and me (a long, long time ago) Image credit: Jon & Caroline | Ink-Stained Hearts | CityStonePub

What shall I do? Where shall I go?
Wait, I’ll ask him
Help, please, I did something stupid
Wait, I’ll ask him
Is this the right decision? The right thing for me?
Wait, I’ll ask him


I cannot call him. He’s not there.
Lost him thirty-two years ago.
Still hurts. Still miss him. My dad.
Not a hero, but a wonderful human being.

Kind and loving, gentle and forgiving
Always there if you needed him
A listening ear and sound advice
Even if I didn’t always follow it up

I miss having him just one call away
I miss not having him in my life
I miss him missing out on my children growing up
I miss him missing out on his daughter becoming a grandma

His death meant having to grow up all of a sudden
Nothing more to lean on, to go to with troubles and worries
And just as he was opening up about his youth
About surviving a Japanese camp in Indonesia



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