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Poetry of Reflection

Alkebulan’s Tears

I long for a mother I have never met. I feel that if I were to meet her someday, my soul would be complete.

Her stolen children,
long for the embrace of her shore.

A mother robbed and grieving,
will never again see those children she bore.

Never-ending toil becomes her children’s fate.
The mother who gave life to all, became the object of vitriolic hate.

The scandalous offenders' crimes grow in scope and size.
They craftily use religion, to steal and colonize.

They change all they can about her, so she becomes a stranger to herself.
She even loses her name as they plunder her to build their wealth.

I am your proud daughter as I say to everyone.
I know you not as Africa, but Alkebulan.

The mother of mankind is a beautiful and rich land. The jewels God adorned her with made her a target for unscrupulous people.



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