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Alternative Road To Forgiveness Is To Have More Than Enough In Life

Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

We sought, we fought, we struggled through our life

We experienced, we cried, we hurt

On endless nights we laid awake

Wondering why do we have to go through such ordeals

Up and above we stared blankly at

Numb and engulfed by the torments of grudges and hatred

Overwhelmed by humongous negativity

Happiness seemed to have lost its way

Where did you go, happiness? You questioned yourself

There was only loneliness and silence which responded to your calls

Tranquility had since never been found in your soul

The thoughts emptied out your mind and soul

Filling it with obstructive words and perspectives

When that happened, get up and look at yourself in the mirror

You were born into this world safely and healthily; You were meant to exist

You were meant to do great things for yourself and others

Get up and do what you were supposed to do

Spend no time wasting on mulling over what had happened or what had been

Get up and live your life,

Nobody owns the rights to author your life story, except yourself

If you were to be beaten by ordeals

Who is to gain the authorship to your story?

At this very moment, waste no time

Chase your dreams and live freely with no burdens in your heart

Fill your life with so much passion and achievements that it constantly set you on a thrilling roller coaster ride

Making mundane life a joyful ride full of excitement which you can look forward to, every single day

There is no room for grudges and hatred as you are busy chasing and enriching your life journey

You will have a broaden world view on life

That is when you learn that you have already let go of any bitterness against the past. You have finally forgiven those who had done you wrong

Neither hesitate nor look back

Nostalgic and gratitude is the only feeling you should have for the past

With that, we become thankful of the scars left on our life; the lessons which taught us how to live. The scars shine in the eyes of people and the beauty of such is irreplaceable.

Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash



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