Amazon App Store: A Goldmine of Users

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AKM Intisar Islam
Dec 23, 2020 · 4 min read
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When I started working on App Store Optimization (ASO) of Programming Hero, the first mistake I made was, “only following Google PlayStore”. It’s true that Google PlayStore is the biggest but you’ve other options. Exploring the other options can easily get you more users. Besides, Google Play already has 2.87million apps that create tough competition. Amazon App Store is very underrated and a platform with more users and fewer apps. There are also some extra benefits Amazon App Store offers, that’s why I decided to work on publishing our app on Amazon App Store. Give a read and I think you’ll find the reasons enough reasonable.

Better ASO

Google Play Store has 2.87 million apps — Amazon App Store has 455,873 apps.

Google Play has a 6.4 times higher number of apps than the Amazon App Store

Fewer apps mean less competition. And less competition drives you to better ASO(App Store Optimization). Amazon AppStore is less crowded that can give you a better chance to reach your targeted audience. Marketing your app is much easier in Amazon App Store. Applying the same effort, you can get more responses comparing to other platforms.

Better Monetization

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If I give you an option of choosing from $5 or $7, what amount you think you're going to pick?

Obviously $7, I know you’ll say that.

Amazon’s unique monetization programs boost customer spending by offering discounts on apps and games without eating into your revenue share. Registering for a developer account is FREE and there are no hidden fees.

Amazon’s monetization system is comparatively better than other competitors. That means you can have more money with the same effort. Even they did more marketing than other competitors for selling your app, that is something your app need to grow continuously.

Solid Customer Base & Amazon Eco-system

An app’s future depends on the users. The more users you’ve, the more your business will grow. There are users who have brand loyalty. If you want them as your user, you need to be present where they’re searching for apps.

Amazon has a solid customer base around the world. Amazon users are loyal and tend to use the Amazon app store more likely than using other app stores. You can easily have more potential users if you publish your app in the Amazon Store.

Amazon is a company of promise and growth. They’ve various electronic products that help them to make an eco-system for users. A consumer of amazon will continue to use amazon AppStore and the number is so big that it has made amazon’s owner the richest man on the planet.

All you need is to open a developer account and submit your app for free. If you’ve already published your app on other platforms, it’ll be a piece of cake for you.

Free App of the Day Campaign

There are thousands of apps being published on daily basis. An app needs promotional works to grab its user's attention. And we all know that promotions are not free and it takes money to promote your app.

What if I tell you, Amazon App Store does campaign for its apps for free?

Yes, you heard me right, Amazon AppStore has a marketing strategy named “Free App of the day” that allows users to buy a paid app free of cost for a day. That helps to connect with customers and market your app.

If you publish your app on Amazon App Store, don’t forget to stand in the line for free promotion!!!


Every day, more than 1000 apps are being published. The field of app business is saturating day by day. The best you can do is, trying new strategies to reach more users. If you don’t publish your app on Amazon App Store yet, you should do it right after reading this article.
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