Amazon Bets Big on AI Startup to Rival ChatGPT & Google Bard

This will change the AI landscape significantly

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Microsoft backs Open AI and ChatGPT. Google has its own AI platform with Bard, And Elon Musk has xAI.

Now, Amazon wants a piece of the AI pie too. And they’re getting it by investing billions into a popular, but still under-the-radar AI startup.

Anthropic future

E-commerce giant Amazon is making a huge investment into Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup known for creating the Claude chatbot.

In fact, Claude has recently become my favorite AI tool, easily beating ChatGPT and Bard with its sleek interface, speed, up-to-date information, and well-versed output. All for free.

Amazon announced this week it will provide a whopping $4 billion in funding to Anthropic in order to advance Amazon’s capabilities in conversational AI.

This is enormous news.

Competitive market

While not as large as Microsoft’s reported $13 billion investment into leading AI firm OpenAI (and ChatGPT), Amazon’s deal represents a major play to stake its claim in the rapidly accelerating AI technology space.

Amazon seems eager to integrate Anthropic’s natural language AI into its various products and services. This could mean Claude AI in many products & services.

Who’s behind Anthropic & Claude

Anthropic was founded by Dario and Daniela Amodei, two siblings who previously worked together at OpenAI, the top AI research lab behind chatbot ChatGPT.

Their Claude chatbot, along with the updated Claude 2, utilizes large language models similar to ChatGPT. This allows Claude to generate human-like text, answer questions, summarize documents, write code, and more based on massive datasets.

However, Anthropic says Claude has advantages over rival chatbots due to built-in safety features guided by the startup’s Constitutional AI principles.

Claude can apparently correct its own responses instead of needing human oversight. Its knowledge and reasoning abilities also enable it to…




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