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Forgetting our legacy and the decaying of Earth

Photo by  Tester on Unsplash

When the Earth was created, it was inhabited by powerful, gigantic creatures. One of those species were the demi-Gods or as the Hindus like to call, Avatar. They were created in the image of God and sent on the planet to preserve it. They possessed the Divine knowledge and created their own world on the Sacred soil. The Avatar pro-created and spread everywhere, within a few centuries.

The more they got involved within their culture, they forgot the meaning of life. Their ignorance slowly corrupted them, and their presence became a plague on the planet.

The supreme beings forgot that they were a creation, just as every other being, and considered themselves to be Gods. They conspired to create hell on Earth. The creator became furious and allowed them to suffer, until they realise the Truth.

As the connection of the demi-Gods with the Source was depleted, their powers were weakened and they no longer had the stamina to sustain their civilization. Millenia passed and they decreased in size. Their vision collapsed, and now Satan was their saviour.

There was a time when magic was in the wind, water, fire, Earth and the sky. Now, the elements were there, but their soul wasn’t.

The fallen creatures had now lost their divine status. They roamed around naked, covered in thick hair, bent with guilt and protruded jaws that changed their speech. Nature taught them to survive, learn and evolve. This support from the unknown gave birth to a new race, humans.

From the attributes of God, their nature changed to deadly sins. They learned to be civilized, but had forgotten who they truly were. Their ancestors knew this day would come, as the universe itself, had been created and destroyed, countless times.

The theatre that occurred on the planet, was only a re-enactment of what had happened in the past. Not on Earth, but a dimension that existed beyond time and space.



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