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An Introvert’s Paradise

A poem about extreme peace.

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

A slight drizzle carrying the aroma of rain,
Hits my nostrils, removing all my day’s pain.
Looking at the rain-soaked sky through my windows,
Gives me plenty of peace, negating all my sorrows.

Just I, me and, myself for company,
I am sure I am in complete harmony,
With the only person who is as coherent as a symphony,
My life feels so very perfect, as sweet as canopy honey.

Sipping from a mug of hot tropical fruit tea by my side,
Putting on a sweater to keep me comfortably warm inside,
Sitting on a cozy soft blanket the color of a raven,
I hear the raindrops whisper tales from heaven.

With the downpour picking up pace,
I open my book to read knowing that life’s not a race,
It’s been a while and feeling my brain wanting to snooze,
I close my eyes with a little smile, knowing it’s time to muse.




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