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Animals And Birds Have A Lesson For Us In Our Response To Death

Death is a friend of life.

Bheemaray.K. Janagond
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4 min readAug 22, 2021


Death terrifies people.

Death snatches away our loved ones, friends, respected persons like writers, leaders, social reformers. It shocks us like a storm in darkness. It causes emotional trauma and agony to the affected people.

I shed tears on the death of my pet dog.

I grieved over the death(drying up)of a clear water stream by the side of our village.

We grieved over the deaths of millions in famines that caused food and water shortage, man-made or natural.

We agonized over the deaths of millions in wars.

We grieve over the deaths of millions in pandemics like Covid-19.

Death, no doubt, is an incident of extreme sorrow for the concerned.

People hate death as evil and desire life to be eternal.

Longing for immortality

None desires or expects death. Everyone longs for permanent self-preservation or immortality.

Poverty, disease, calamity, and bad luck are some of the sources of misery and despair in life. Most people suffering from these problems hope for and believe in a bright future part of their lives or life in another world to be happier and blissful. Religions actively encourage this illusionary other-worldly trend. They beguile the people vigorously mostly in self-interest and drill into their minds the chimeric world of heaven of bliss and the exalted and ecstatic company with God.

My rational sense compels me to repeat my honest and answerless questions: Who has ever gone to heaven and returned to this earth to tell his life story there? Is there any mysterious way through which we, the people can know that someone lucky enough died, entered heaven and enjoyed the heavenly bliss there, and returned to this earth to tell the story of his life in heaven or stays there and somehow communicates the story of his life there to us?

Why do or should human beings believe in false hopes and myths? Why are people systematically brainwashed into believing in these falsities and illusions? I know the answer and millions know the answer. If you don’t know the answer, you will get it once you sincerely try to find it.

I am sure that there is no life beyond the grave. So millions worldwide are sure.

Life, death, and immortality have interconnections.

Death is always at our doors, welcome or unwelcome.

  1. Death enables humans to evolve upwards. The biologically fittest survive. Living and dying are cooperative incidents in the evolutionary process. That is the law of nature in action. Those who have outlived their life will join the billions who have disappeared from this earth.
  2. Death is a friend of the future generation. Humans can have the basic resources for their living like housing, foodgrains, fuel, clothing, shelter, vegetables, birds, fish, meat, wood, oil, rubber, and so on since death has been reducing the number of living beings, humans, animals, plants, and microbes, subsisting on these resources. The available balance of resources is meant for future generations. Death prepares the fertile ground for the birth of new life and its ongoing journey.

3. Grief from death should be momentary and should not be the unreasonable reason for making our remaining life sorrowful. This life lesson we must learn from the animals and birds. They forget the death of their family members very shortly and attend to their daily life enthusiastically and joyfully. They live in the here and now. Though very difficult for us, thinking humans, we have to adopt their approach to death.

A welcome and essential fact of life paving the way for a continuous stream of life on this planet is death’s inseparable and essential part in life.

No life beyond the grave

Death is the end of life; there is no second life for the deceased.

Immortality is a myth; death is a fact of life; life is a continuous river.

Immortality for us lies in our good work for the society in which we live and the world, if possible, and in the continuous biological transfer of genes from person to person.

It is necessary that our total concentration should be to live normally and to better this present life just like birds and animals after the death of our family members, friends, and well-known men or women. People should not allow their death to overshadow their lives for a long time. Death is natural in the sense that it follows birth.

We can draw life lessons from accidental, famine, war, and jihad deaths, all unnatural deaths and proceed to live with wisdom.

“When we are, death is not; and when death is, we are not.” -Epicurus.

The epigram pregnant with deep meaning should lead us:

We should live a full and satisfying life and die a peaceful death. Our survivors also should follow this outlook.



Bheemaray.K. Janagond

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