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Maybe maybe
It could be,
What’s causing my anxiety.
The feeling that
It’s going wrong,
Maybe it was all along.
The lack of planning
Knowing what
Or being sure
That I should not.
Maybe I just
Need a thing,
That get’s me up
And makes me sing.
A strong desire
Doubts expelled,
Something that
Has me compelled,
Towards a goal
I must attain
That must be it,
But then again.
What if I fail,
Or it’s a no
What will I do
Where will I go?
The sky will cry
And I’ll be sinking,
I wish that I could
Just stop thinking.
I wish I was
A man of action
Then I could really
Get some traction.
Get a grip
And get a goal,
Get somewhere
Get some soul.
Away from it
Far from doubt
I really must
Figure this out.



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Nasar Karim

Nasar Karim

BSc Psychology. Writer. Dreamer. Poet. Addicted to risk.