Are You Struggling To Create Your Vision In Life? You Are Not Alone.

These Are The 3 Simple Techniques That Will Help You Craft Your Vision.

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6 min readDec 7, 2021


“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Helen Keller

What is written on your gravestone?

What is the content of your eulogy?

How full is your Wikipedia entry?

I have been asked that question so many times.

Each time, I tried to come up with a different answer.

The truth is that I was coming up with answers on the fly.

Because I was more lost than a needle in a haystack in the middle of a storm.

What Is the vision you want to bring in life?

This is the question I have struggled most of my life to answer consistently.

We all face this question in many shapes or forms.

The real question is whether or not we have a North Star helping us navigate through the storms of life.

“I feel like a lost boat wandering through the ocean of life as time flies.” is my answer when I finally admitted that I was lost.

2017 was my epiphany year because I was far from my thirties and getting to my forties.

I would love to have had the following techniques below to help shape the vision of the life I wanted to experience.

By trial and error, I was applying them unknowingly.

What is my vision in life?

Before I share with you my vision, let me first share the following techniques that could help you create your vision.

A small disclaimer:

Like everything in life, there is not one single path to arrive at your destination. This is one of many paths that you could take to create your vision.

I love the simplicity of these techniques because they are easy to implement. If done correctly, you can undoubtedly come with an actual vision.



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