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Are You Willing To Engage With The Choices Unfolding For Your Life?

Three questions to help you imagine your future

What Is Unfolding For Your Life — Photo by Svyatoslav Romanov on Unsplash

The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces on 12th April began a month-long journey of intimate spiritual inquiry. How deeply you engage with what is unfolding for your life is up to you.

This conjunction last occurred in 1856 and sets the stage for a whole new era based on Pisces. Hence why April´s two new moons are doubling the opportunity to become part of this. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces flushes away everything that is no longer supporting you anymore. Yes, it maybe or was useful, though is it now? Does it serve any purpose in your life?

Surrender To What Your Soul Is Unfolding For Your Life?

As we move into the new, each of us is being asked to be comfortable with the transformation underway. The highest expression of Pisces is unconditional love. Which is why we are being encouraged to be in the flow of what is unfolding. Even though we have no sense of the direction or expectation as to how it will be.

Pisces is highly creative, mystical, and bridges the worlds between the seen and the unseen.

To help me move into the new moment, I have found the best place to be is in Nature. Closing my eyes so I can hear beyond the visual, feeling the breeze and expanding my connection to all that is. From the sense of calm of “no thought” which appears, balance and harmony are created.

Our role has shifted as a result of the conjunction on 12th April. Surprises will be many once we use this as a moment to dream. To feel, to allow your mind-heart transit the celestial highways of creation. Wondering what your life would look like once you let go of the structures, labels and beliefs of the moment, simply surrendering to the unfolding desires of your Soul?

Are you willing to really let go and be in the flow of what appears? The current thinness of the veil is guiding us to flow into the mystical dream of our Souls.

Here we may find clarity on why we chose to experience this incarnation at this moment. How our presence is reverently weaving strands in the grander matrix of all of Creation. And, what our unique thread of existence can contribute in meaningful and enduring ways. This is not the moment to seek to force events to happen. Surrender to the mystery of what is unfolding.

Do You Know Who You Desire To Be?

Whilst the coming month may appear to have you in a holding-pattern, allow yourself to be comfortable within the eternal space of what is unfolding. This moment is for you, so cherish it. Your (our) lives are about to take a huge leap into uncharted waters, those mapped out by our personal co-creations.

Each of us is being asked to let go of our expectations and desire to control — and surrender to the wisdom of our Soul.

This theme appears again with the full moon in Libra on 16th April. The sun is in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, opposite the moon in Libra, balance. Both are squared by Pluto, the planet of death and re-birth — transformation. We are at the point of a course correction in the destiny of humanity.

We are being asked fundamental questions about our life, purpose and future. To explore who you really are and who you desire to be.

The influence of Mars and Saturn on this full moon encourages us to take initiatives, especially in our relationships. Encouraging collaboration and co-operation, which could create unexpected joint venture opportunities.

Mars moves through Pisces from 14th April until 24th May, 2022. During this period, tap into your intuition and the psychic side of your nature, connect to your Soul´s unfolding desires.

Making this the ideal period to explore the mysteries of life that call your name. Use this to provide you with direction and purpose.

Your dreams, sense of déjà vu, and synchronicities will provide messages from all of Creation. Pay heed to your inner wisdom. Should something — or someone — keep popping up, most certainly there is a message for you to act on.

Message From Source

Venus continues in Pisces until 2nd May. Making this the ideal period during 2022 for forgiveness and gently processing old pains. The outcome of which will be a deeper and more intimate connection with self.

The latest Message from Source provides a forceful reminder on the importance of our choices as this correction takes place:

“Know this is not going to seem to be an easy period you are all passing through. That flows from the choices each of you is making. The most common one, feeling sympathy as to the events unfolding, yet not creating your dream as to how you desire your world to be. This is the creative process open to all. There are no insiders or outsiders, all are participants.

The choices each of you makes will determine how quickly or easily this period passes. Sitting on your hands in that sense is a choice, though it passes over your power to those who do choose. The nature of evolution itself is in transit. What is possible now was not the case even six months ago, let alone years, decades or centuries. Hence why making a conscious choice is essential for each of you.

You are making choices for the coming generations, though they will have their own to make. Are you seeking to create what you desire or passing the responsibility to others, with whom you may not agree as to the outcome! The potential is limitless, both in terms of your own life, that of humanity and Mother Earth. All will be influenced by the choices which are made.”

We are being chided to take a step back from what we view as possible to open to a new possibility appearing.

Your Brain Is Ready To Continue to Evolve, Are You?

Then to create a container and a shape and form and structure that you could only imagine previously. Or, maybe imagine something that is beyond your previous imagination, and move into what you can imagine for your future.

Opening to ask ourselves questions such as what:

  • Is important to me?
  • Is my dream for the future?
  • Do I imagine for myself, my family, my community, for Mother Earth?

We are experiencing unprecedented shifts or evolution in humanity´s consciousness. Which means it has become “mainstream”. Even though much is changing, other aspects keep surfacing to remind us much has not.

This is because although there are eight stages in consciousness evolution, it is quite normal to experience several stages of consciousness simultaneously. Evolution is not linear. Humanity is currently hopping between stages three and four, whilst also re-visiting the first two!

Stage three is where we recognise we create our own reality. The fourth stage is where we realise we are a unique being and that our purpose is to evolve and so continue to expand all of Creation.

This requires us to increase the influence of the pre-frontal lobes of our human brain. So, reducing the control exercised by the earlier reptilian and mammalian parts. The reptilian brain is reliable though tends to be somewhat rigid and compulsive. The mammalian or limbic brain is the seat of the value judgements we make, mostly unconsciously, that exert such a strong influence on our behaviour.

The neocortex is responsible for the development of human language, abstract thought, imagination, and consciousness. The neocortex is flexible and has almost infinite learning abilities — the focus of shamanic practices. It is the pre-frontal lobes which give us our flat forehead as opposed to the backward sloping one of our neanderthal ancestors.

Change Your Fat

However, this is where our “fight or flight” controller sits. The one that creates stress and so pumps adrenaline around our body. As I wrote in The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony:

“These stresses are often stored or trapped for a long time in our muscles, joints, and organs. That means anything we aren’t able to resolve in the present can stay in our cells for later processing.”

Even though every component of our body is repaired every few days to seven years, the stress toxins are stored in our body fat and so can be held for decades. The body´s natural process is to use these fats whenever the energy intake is insufficient. As the fat is used, so the toxins are removed.

This process is called autophagy, a self-cleaning process of cells that can break down and recover damaged molecules and organelles. Which is why intermittent fasting for at least 12 hours seems to be an increasing practice.

This recent article on Metabolic Health by Dr. Mehmet Yildiz — “How to Reduce Visceral Fat and Increase Brown Fat with Two Practical Steps” is an entrée to more explanation. What is often overlooked is the brain is the fattiest organ in the body — nearly 60% fat.

And where does most of the fat in our body come from? Carbohydrates as insulin is designed to convert what you eat into sugar for the energy the body needs, and then store the rest as fat. However, there is a difference between white fat and essential fat. The latter is needed by the brain, bone marrow, nerves and membranes that protect your organs.

The toxins and waste of the past are only eliminated when burning fats. Hence why taking responsibility for your life is the essential first step to any healing.

Plan Your Small Steps To Take

19th April the Sun moves into the practical Taurus. Moving our focus from creativity and originality to choosing which of these to bring to life.

Seven days later the shadow period of the next Mercury retrograde begins. The actual retrograde itself starts on 10th May.

On 29th April our long stretch without retrogrades comes to an end as Pluto begins its annual period of introspection. Meaning the emphasis changes to internal transformation and our shadow selves. It will continue its backward dance until 8th October, 2022. It could herald you creating a new body of work or evolution of an existing one.

The same date marks the end of the current fortuitous period in which to sign contracts, launch businesses, begin official relationships, and make important decisions you desire to last forever.

The next day brings April´s second new moon and the return of the eclipse season. Solar eclipses mark brand new chapters, major new beginnings, and exciting opportunities. This one in Taurus will encourage us to create long-term plans and take small steps to create tangible results. Shifting your horizon to the next stage of your evolution.

Asking us to assess our values, sense of worth and worthiness, skills, and talents and how we can use them to bring stability into our lives. Encouraging you to have financial and material security to include as part of the choice as to what you are unfolding for your life.

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To Choosing What Is Unfolding For Your Life


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