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Aren’t We Already Cyborgs?

How many hours do you online on a day?

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With the technological changes, our daily habits have also changed. It is now considered strange to not have a smartphone, a computer, or having no internet connection. We want to connect online everywhere at any time.

We use our smart devices for hours a day. Searching, watching Netflix or Youtube, surfing on Instagram, etc. that activities we usually do. Sometimes, when I checked my screen time I can’t believe that time I have spent. Yes, technology is useful. I like new stuff and try to learn them.

But isn’t that too much? I am not going to blame technology. But, wasting the time this way is a nuisance, isn’t it? Honestly, I feel like a robot at times. I think you have this thought too.

There are many stimuli around us. We put away our computers then deal with our smartphones, then we leave them in a corner and notifications start coming to our smartwatches. To reiterate, I don’t have a problem with them. In fact, most of them are things that allow me to do my works and improve myself. Probably the same for you?

As I mentioned, I care about time. In my opinion, everyone should consider their screen times then ask themselves. Is it worth that? Could I do something instead of it which gives me more favor? After doing this query, if your answer is yes, it is worth it that you are on the right track. If it’s not worth it, that means some things need to change.

Perhaps time is the most valuable asset in the world. Try to use it as beneficial as it is for you and try to enjoy it. This may have sounded like cheap motivational phrases, but that’s all the facts.



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