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Artist: An Essay

An artist. People who create art. What, or rather, who is an artist?

Artist is someone who can express and make you experience other art forms through their art. This is only my opinion.

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

For example, a painter paints paintings, of course. But, through the painting, that person, or the artist, can make us experience music. It might not be apparent, but you might feel the ‘vibes’ while observing the painting. That is what I am talking about, not that you’ll start actually hearing songs.

Anyway, are artists important then? They just paint, play music, dance, write, and do stuff that many people do for fun, without ever getting that recognition! This is what we shall discourse on today.

First, experience. The best thing a person can do during his/ her lifetime is to experience various wonderful things, and that is what artists provide. Contrary to popular belief, quite noble.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Artists, since the dawn of art, have been the flag-bearers of every artistic (obviously) and scientific revolution. You wonder that scientists surely caused the scientific revolutions, and you’d be wrong, kind of. Of course, the scientific revolutions wouldn’t have occurred were it not for scientists, but almost every revolution could be traced back to art, which inspired the scientists to ponder and discover.

Also, and perhaps artists have a huge impact on the worldview, thoughts of the public, entire focal points of decades or even centuries can change from a single piece of art.

Image by wgbieber from Pixabay

Or, of course, a series of art or artists.

This might be totally unnecessary to some, but according to me, it is very important. I am, of course, talking about perspective. Every artist provides a different mind-blowingly simple yet unimaginable circumstance, and this ties back to earlier points because it is always these kinds of art pieces that spark revolutions or change your perspective.

All the points point in the same direction, yes, artists are important. Are there any drawbacks? Well, on the surface, absolutely not.

Image by Lubos Houska from Pixabay

Not so quick, artists (Potter). Not all artists can provide the experience, the novelty and the inspiration as the elite group of artists do. Do I think the other artists’ existence is justified? Yes, who am I or any of you to question someone’s existence? Do I think they are necessary? No, and again, that does not mean that they should not do what they love. I am just saying that they aren’t necessary. A world without Justin Bieber would probably have been fine, even though he has had a net positive impact, but I think that absence of someone like Da Vinci would be very, very bad for the entire race.

I refuse to believe that a piece of art or an artist can have a totally negative impact and if that is so; it is due to art itself. If you believe so, cite me examples and I am all ears!



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