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As A Professional Author In 2021

The journey continues

This is my first publication for the year 2021. This article will become my 686th piece of work overall. In three weeks, I will celebrate my three year anniversary of “officially” becoming a professional Author and Publisher. I could never had imagined that these past three years could be so rewarding. This gift, is something so very special. And as we race into year 2021, this publishing world of mine, is one that will stay steady and on track, for further, and deeper success than ever before.

I had always had dreams of being a writer. For my first 40 years, it never became a reality. Until I was introduced to Medium. The platform made the entire process much easier. I knew I had plenty to say, and lots to write about. But, I never realized that I would truly touch people directly as I have. I continuously receive feedback from all kinds of readers, from all different countries.

Writing creates a massive and strong foundation. It’s a gift that serves both blessing. A blessing for the writer along with blessings for readers as well. One which is more self therapeutic than anything else. I always had the confidence that I was a good writer. I had just never been able to reach a platform that gave me the ability to reach thousands at the same time.

As I go into this new year of 2021, I remain focused as ever, about covering the subject matter, that the readers are looking to read about. My real life experiences and trauma of drug addiction, and out of control mental health, seem to give me the fuel, and words to relate to others who have either gone through it themselves, had a loved one with similar issues, or even if a person has no connection to mental health.

For outsiders looking in, it can be something that is fascinating, something hard to comprehend. My writing is not just for the addicts. It’s for everyone. In every story, is a story for someone.

This world of writing has been the best gift I could give myself, day after day, month after month, year after year. For everyone who has stayed with me on this ride for a long time, I appreciate you. And for anyone who may be a much newer reader, I thank you in advance, for the chance you have given me.

My main focus, while often mental health, and addiction related, also branch out further on occasion in a world of topics that relate to life, generally speaking.

2020 was a year of mindfulness, in which I worked harder than ever before, to master my skills of being mindful, and I gave a lot of effort to have mindfulness be the solution and lesson, to as many topics and experiences as possible. I used mindfulness to get through my days of this pandemic, as I socially distanced, and tried my best to quarantine.

I’ll repeat it again and again, that mindfulness is the ultimate difference maker for getting through so many of our days. It can be used at any extreme of the spectrum. It can help with those good times, as it helps us embrace things, and drives our awareness way up. So it makes positive moments better enjoyed. It has its place in the tough times as well. Because mindfulness keeps us in touch with what’s good, and when we use it during tough times, we are able to still be mindful of knowing how much good there still really is.

As a writer, I have really dug deep to present quality, and honest work, and in doing that, I hope to be a voice for everyone out there, including the voiceless.

My journey is one that will never end. I hope to reach the world in 2021 more than ever. I hope I can help people find the blessing of mindfulness, find the hope if they are struggling, and find the faith if they need something to hold onto.

Thank you to all my loyal readers. Your support, is my faith.




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Michael Patanella

Michael Patanella

Author, Publisher, and Editor. I cover mindfulness, mental health, addiction, sobriety, life, and spirituality among other things.