Medium Partner Program is Changing. As an Algorithm Developer, Here’s My Advice on How You Can Benefit

Decoding the new algorithm to help you increase your earnings

Sam Dixon Brown


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

As a software developer by day and (occasional) Medium writer by night, I devoured Medium’s official article announcing changes to the Medium Partner Program algorithm which appeared yesterday.

Medium has, for a long time, said that they want to incentivize high-quality content. But this new announcement is the first time they have given an insight as to how they plan to achieve that through the MPP payment algorithm and what writers need to do to increase their chances of earning big on Medium.

It’s the first time, in my opinion, that they have taken the right steps forward, combining the human touch of their Boost system, with more fine-grained rewards for metrics like claps, comments, and highlights, rather than simply relying on member read time.

The best thing? They have given detailed information about how each metric will be applied in the algorithm. This is great news for writers.

With my algorithm developer hat on, this is my plain-English breakdown of exactly what Medium is doing with their algorithm — and how that can give you the best chance of succeeding on…