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Atheist are Not Without Faith

Faith in People is Still Faith

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Religion and Faith are Not the Same Thing

When the average person thinks of the word “faith” they usually associate it with religion. In truth, religion and faith are not the same thing. Because of the misconception, though, Atheists and those who are Agnostic, are often accused of not having a faith. While it is obviously true that there is no religious faith in these individuals, the majority of Agnostic people are full of faith. We have faith in people. We have faith in justice. We have faith in pursuing what is important and what is desired in life.

In reality, faith is nothing more than strongly believing in something that you can not immediately prove to be true. Despite being associated with religion so often, the meaning of faith has nothing to do with religion at all. We place faith in people around us and even in the idea that we will wake up the next day. Faith is a requirement for being a part of the world each and every day.

Putting Faith Where It Belongs

It’s true that there is no faith in a single supreme being or unseen entity, but the faith placed in friends, family, and even strangers could arguably be an even bigger leap than any other type. It demands a lot of trust and hope to be around a person at any level of relation and trust that they will not want to harm you in any way. Sharing your life and sharing your space is a truly and purely faithful act on the part of any human being.

Of course, people who are Agnostic also hold a great deal of faith in themselves. It takes faith to acknowledge what you know and what you believe, especially when it goes against so many of society’s norms. It takes faith to think for yourself; something Agnostic people and Atheists are very proud of doing. Faith and trust are placed into so many things in our lives, from big to small, that it would be difficult to try to name them all. That’s not to say that people who do have religious faith do not have these same alternate aspects of faith. As stated before… we all do, faith in so many things is a natural and integrated part of life and being human.

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It’s Not Religion, It’s Science

Though it is often a touchy point, partly because it is so misunderstood, one area in which Atheist and Agnostic people may hold more faith than others, is the topic of science. Those who are Agnostic in any way, tend to have more faith and trust in science than those who place most of their faith in religion. A religious person will pray to improve their situation or in hopes of getting a loved one through a tough time. An Agnostic person will turn to science and try to find the solution or best course of action based on the proven and natural realities that govern the world. This trust and dedication to science could easily be considered a faith. Having faith in the science behind and surrounding a situation… is still faith.

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Agnostic individuals are accused of not having a faith. Others claim that science is not a faith and that since Agnostic people rely on it and believe in it so heavily, they, in turn, do not have a faith. This is a misconception on two fronts. First, science is, in fact, a type of faith. It is a source to turn to in order to find solutions and answers. Much the same definition given to religious belief. So, in that sense, it is a faith of sorts. Second, Agnostic people and atheists do rely on science and turn to it for answers, but it is not viewed as a faith in the same understanding that “religious faith” is considered. We have faith in science’s ability to provide answers, but it is not viewed in a religious way. It’s just science. It is what is and what exists.

I hope that this has informed you and at least given you something to think about for a while. In the end, being human gives us faith in all forms and variety. The most important, perhaps, is the faith that we place in each other and the ability to trust and care for one another. That is the faith we as a world should focus on each and every day.



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