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Basic Wisdom I used to get focus on my goals every time:

Develop focus to move with goals:

A beautiful story about success that mesmerizes me is about Bill gates and the Warren Buffet. In the first meeting of bill gates and Warren Buffet, Bill Gates’s mother asked them about the single factor of their success. Both Gates and Buffet answer the question with a single loud word, “Focus”.

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Let’s see the meaning of focus in life. Definition of focus in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is; A centre of activity or a point of concentration.

It means you should have a single goal prioritised in your everyday life. Robert Greene’s (Best selling author) book talks about the secret to mastering a skill. If you want to hone any skill, you should focus on a single skill. In other words, you can’t master various skills all at once.

Now come to ways that spark your stamina for goal setting. Brain Tracy explains the success level comes with goals set in the following words; “People who set goals earn on average 10times more money and success than those through not setting goals.

Let’s grasp the classy idea of SMART goals.

S is for specific. A clear-cut view of your goals.

M is for measurable. It’s a Trackable goal that can measure at any time.

A is for Achievable. Goals should flex you. It never tears your efforts.

R is relevant: Your goal should be a small package of your long-term storage house.

T is about Time related. Our goals should clock relevant.

Jay Shetty goals setting questions:

I use various ways to protect my ass from the ho-hum of life. Asking yourself questions move the desired achievement towards you.

1. Do my goals seem vague?

2. Do my goals have any realistic roots in this world?

3. Do people attach to me are the right to stay with me?

These questions raise my accountability and help me show a path in the fazed mind state.

The 5 Steps help me track my progress and give me a practical idea about my focus.

1. Set a date that is achievable and ambitious.

2. Develop and stick with milestones.

3. Write goals after you decide them in your mind.

4. Set a specific time to measure your progress.

5. Be flexible and develop a kind heart about your efforts. Treat yourself as a best friend and a person you’re responsible for it.

The best way to progress in this fast-moving world is to show flexibility. The world is changing now faster than it is in the past.

Set your goals now. It’s the first step to turning your invisible into reality.




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