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Be Authentic When You Create

That’s how you build your community.

Photo by Nemanja Trojković on Unsplash

What’s the best way to get someone to like you and feel comfortable around you? It’s simply by being as authentic as possible.

When I write, I like to talk about what goes on in my head. It’s the raw uncut Tochukwu you get every time. No filters. It’s like you get a piece of my brain every time you read my content.

Before now, before I write, I’d go to some top website to look for something intelligent and insightful to talk about. Then rewrite it, and it would seem like I was the one who originally came up with the idea.

I continued that way for a while, and honestly, creating content that way felt like torture. I felt like it wasn’t supposed to be this hard. Back then, I’d dread creating content for my Medium because it felt like an examination where I had to cram something then regurgitate it on paper.

It didn’t feel personal or authentic. I got tired and started trying to tell my story through my articles, and that’s when the magic started happening.

It didn’t feel so much like work. It felt like work still, but not so much. But it was better now because I was actually enjoying myself.

And that’s something you can replicate. When you blog or create content that reflects who you are, you start to enjoy yourself, making you want to create more.

Plus, people will feel more connected to you, and that’s how you grow your audience and keep people anticipating your next post.

Thank you for reading.

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