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Being not successful at something is also a good thing

Let me explain

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I believe that more important than being the smartest around or studying in the best university it’s your mental strength. The way you deal with adversities that eventually going to happen is going to determinate your “success”.

I see life and objectives as a process that requires constant learning at all times.

The most successful is the one who can transform disappointment, depression and rage in life lessons, knowledge or experiences. From that principle, you will grow at a mentally and personal level. Someone who visionarily can transform that particularly bad moment in a simple obstacle in his long process to reach “success”

We can consider opposite extreme success and failure in a spectrum that is in constant flux.

Some examples of the most successful people around the world:

  1. Soichiro Honda, Creator of Honda motors — He was refused to work in Toyota when he was young. Instead of giving up, he started to make scooters in his garage.
  2. Steven Spielberg, Filmmaker — Was denied access to the film school in California, 3 times!
  3. The Beatles, Rock Band — The first time trying to record a CD was a big fail. The record company said: “no future in show business”

Recognizing the long-game and persistence are qualities and they are trainable!

Being aware of these two qualities is a good first step, sometimes we only find out the importance of this later in life or after being successful and there is no problem with that! Just keep in mind: Never give up and always learn something from everything!

Where you start is not as important as where you finish. Zig Zaglair

Confidence is important. You need to belive in your project or work, that way you will be more productive and engaged.

Focusing on your goals is essential, if you don’t allow distractions to influence your workflow, you are set up to succeed.

Stop procrastinating, its a killer habit, you must fight against! Strive to utilize time is the most effective manner and avoid delaying work by all means.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Only a few tips for your personal growth from a newbie, check out the real writers like @nickwignall ; @seanjkernan ; @Barry.Davret ; Ayodeji Awosika.
They are great! :)

Always remember…
You are the best, believe in yourself, work hard and be smart how you do it. Don’t forget “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so you won’t be successful from day to night… Its a process, a long one. Always believe in that progress.



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